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Being your Own Best Friend Right Now

By December 9, 2020January 29th, 2021No Comments

What does it look like to be your own best friend when you’re lonely, feeling down or depressed? Today my very beautiful guest is Amy-Leigh Fitzpatrick-Cope who moved from Australia to London two weeks before lockdown in March. Her dream was to move to London and create new, exciting experiences for herself and expand her life.

Since March, her life in London can best be described as a rollercoaster!  Amy-Leigh has a degree in psychology and although she’s chosen not to become one, has accrued enough life experience this year to almost last a lifetime! You can reach her Instagram profile here

She talks very honestly about how it felt to be totally alone with herself and what it’s like to experience her own dark night of the soul. Collectively most of the planet is also going through its own dark night of the soul.

What does it look like to be your own best friend when the chips are down and you’ve lost yourself? Tune in to join the chat. Much much love xxx

See you on today’s episode, it’s called:
Ep.11 Being your Own Best Friend and What that Looks Like

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How would your day change if you were your own best friend today?
Great questions to activate you into this new timeline are:

  1. How kind am I being to myself right now?
  2. What do I need? Do I need strength? To transform something that’s hurting me? Self-love? Or to receive more?
  3. What do I want to experience today?
  4. How do I want to feel all today?
  5. What would it feel like to…  I’m going to become HER today.
  6. What if I didn’t abandon myself today?
  7. What if I didn’t betray my needs and boundaries whilst I’m with you?
  8. Can I hear me whilst I hear you?
  9. My feelings are right for me and my level of self-love. Your feelings are right for you and your level of self-love.
  10. Am I treating myself like a Goddess right now?

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Much much love beautiful soul, you are amazing and when you have you by your side? By making a stand for yourself, by backing yourself and being good to yourself? You will know what it’s like to have the best friend you ever had.

You are the one you’ve been looking for.
Enjoy today’s episode,


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