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The Power of Rejection

By November 11, 2020January 29th, 2021No Comments

Do you carry the truth frequency? If so, people may often reject you, because they don’t want to see themselves and that is what you show them.

Your light, lights up their shadow that they are not willing to see. If you’re a healer or a truther you probably have this frequency and for most of my life I just thought I wasn’t interesting enough as a person.

Now I understand that if you don’t want to do the work? My energy is going to be too confronting for you. It’s nothing I actually say, it’s just this particular energy I carry. And I bet you might carry it too? Or are there people you find it hard to be around because of the shadows they bring up in you?  Understanding why it happens and how to deal with it is part of what we cover on today’s podcast.

In today’s podcast I’m joined today by the incredible Gabriela McAllister-Jackson and we talk about, Hollywood, talking to dogs, people, horses and pets (she is highly psychic) and the power of rejection!

It’s a powerful episode with lots of ah-ha moments, tears and laughter. For 20 years she has used Connected Energy® to address her clients issues on the energetic, emotional and physical levels. Her clients are people and pets – and she is the real deal! She also wears a cowboy hat! It was such a pleasure talking to her! You can reach her at 

I hope you enjoy it! Sending you so much love for wherever you are. xxx

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