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How to Stop Absorbing the World’s Energies

By November 9, 2020No Comments

How to Stop Absorbing the World’s Energies.
I was interviewed by the fabulous Jennifer Longmore on exactly this topic for her brilliant Soul Journeys® podcast. She runs the #1 Akashic training school in the world and I LOVE her! We talked about:

My diagnosis with Scoliosis and why I believe that physically manifested for me and how I healed it. Why I felt growing up that I always had to take a lot on and why I began life coaching. “When you decide it, the world will move around for you.”

The yoga that I learned based on Chinese Medicine that helped me heal my Scoliosis. “I am the authority over me to heal.” How to help with our current medical system and why it will eventually implode. How to own our shadows so that we can truly heal. “Being in service does not mean you need to sacrifice yourself.”

Stop absorbing the world’s energies – that is a program. It’s not your job. How to know when you’re dealing with a narcissist.  “The gold is in the dark.” – Carl Jung. How to stop being controlled by what others think of you. “Don’t think the outside world needs to change for you to relax. You don’t need it to.”

“Express, don’t suppress, otherwise it’s B.S.” How to make friends with your lower self and shadows. My nightly prayer to clear my energy. “You’ve been built to heal.” Once you decide to heal, the Universe will help you to heal. ⠀

We also talking about what’s going on, on the planet right now.

You can listen here on Spotify.  And here on Apple.


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