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Beautiful Boundaries

By August 14, 2020No Comments

Hello beautiful – how are you going? August is the month to re-build ourselves and strengthen ourselves… it feels like the eye of the storm. In helping you to do this I’m running a workshop next week on how to keep the outside world out of your body. You can look at it here.

The need for boundaries are coming up for many of us. Who do you give your power away to? These are the people you need boundaries with. Not necessarily because of what they do, but because of what you do:

Do you say yes when you mean, no?
(For acceptance?)

Do you feel sorry for others, so you listen and help more than your body wants to? Overriding your natural stop sign? You take the “hit” because you can?

Are you like a sponge for energy and soak up people’s pain so by the time they leave they feel better but you feel worse?

Do you often feel tired after interactions with people?

Do you often betray, disrespect, mute, deny or suppress your feelings in order to maintain certain relationships?

When we don’t know how to have energetic boundaries, we let energy IN that is not ours. It’s very hard to rise to 5D when we’re filled with mixed energy. It’s very hard to manifest and BE the power we were born to be at this time on our planet.

It took me a lifetime to learn how to be in this world without being a sponge and taking in your moods, your feelings and your vibration into my body.

You can learn how to do this on Tuesday 18th August with me in The Boundary Workshop that I’m so happy I’m running with Ethereal who have invited me onto their virtual stage.

It’s going to be live, potent and very freeing.

If you’d like to see if this is for you, you can learn more here ❤️ and it will be recorded incase you miss it.

Boundaries enable me to keep my vibration high. Which is odd because I never liked that word… it always just felt heavy. When I learned how to do them in a way that didn’t hurt my nervous system or scare me? I became free and light. What have your beautiful boundaries given you?

Here are three boundaries to support us right now:

Boundary 1: if it hurts me to say yes? It’s a no.

Boundary 2: how does my little inner child feel about this? (She’s always right… shhh… listen x)

Boundary 3: I am not a receptacle for your bad feelings. Your feelings are yours to deal with. I won’t take away your growth by doing the work for you. It’s the greatest love I can give you.

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Hugging you beautiful light being. Thank you for all that you do in this world,


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