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ENERGY + Power Workshop!

By July 6, 2020No Comments

Connecting to our OWN power source has never been so important!
Why? Because it gives you BACK your ENERGY!
And your ENERGY = Doing what you came here to DO!

(This weeks workshop is on power + it’s my last one! You can join it here.)

Do you feel energised?
Super in your power?

Whatever you’re feeling I’m giving you a HUGE energy HUG! And a kiss – MWA! It’s huge isn’t it? This time we’re in right now.

Many of us are facing the reality of being back in the world again, which can mean excitement cause we missed it! And also feeling more exhausted… with many of us not wanting to go back to old jobs, old realities… and wondering, how do I create what I want within the current climate?

You DO have the power to create your reality within this worldly reality.

And it begins by you remembering WHO you are: Take your power back off the outside world, back off an external situation and back into YOU. Nobody is more powerful than you in ANY situation and that includes the one you’re in now.

Orgasms connect you to your feminine super power! Have you been gifting yourself more or less of these? We’re going to be covering orgasms in this weeks workshop as a way of turning your power ON and UP! Dancing madly tunes you into YOU. Making BIG decisions will give you YOU BACK. Not a watered down version of you – but the REAL version of you. Hot, ALIVE and FABULOUS! You can check it out here.

If you’ve got decisions to make and want to transform exhaustion into energy you can energise your OWN power source by:

  1. Deciding what you don’t want. When you do? Your power and energy will come rushing back in. Try it! Write a list and say it out LOUD! No compromising – compromising will deflate your energy quicker than a balloon in transit over your head!
  2. Decide what you DO want. Being vague never suited you GODDESS! Decide and your Higher Self and guides can kick in and do what they do best – say YES to you. They’re always saying YES to you!
  3. Pleasure your way BACK to your power! Your Vulva is a powerful source of your feminine energy. Self-pleasure, not necessarily to orgasm but just so it feels pleasurable to you? Is one of the quickest ways to go from BLAH to BLOODY HELL I’M BACK! (Much more in my book, Turn Yourself On xx)

If you’re interested in joining me for the Hand Map Healing™ Power Workshop I’m running this Wednesday 8th July, it’s for us to take our power back off the outside world and hear ourselves at our deepest level so we know which way to go with our businesses, relationships and life over second part of this year. Be supported to make the right decisions for you. It’s time to put the energy back IN ourselves and into our TRAJECTORY – OO! Tickets are at a small price, either £10 or £6 depending on your financial situation. The workshop will be recorded incase you miss it. You can find out more here. 

Join me on Facebook Instagram and Twitter for more love and support. x

Sending so much love to you – have the BEST week! xx


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