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The Power Workshop

By June 29, 2020No Comments

I’m running my last free 1 hour workshop this week, it’s the self-love healing workshop and it’s for us to bring however we’re feeling to the call and together transmute it back to peace.

You can join it here. 

I’m also running a healing workshop to reclaim your power here.

How are you feeling babes?

If you’re feeling tired, can you disconnect from the outside world to connect back to yourself? There’s a lot of distraction out there that can discombobulate you. Many of us are hearing the call to rest and are sleeping more. Many of us are hearing the call to get out there and do more. And many of us are hearing both! Whatever you’re feeling will be right for you.

Don’t get disheartened by the seemingly lack of progress out there. So much is upgrading internally for so many people, so although we can’t see it yet… remember there’s always a bit of a delay with the outside up-levelling. Form follows energy.

I can feel that the energy vibration of this planet has gone up considerably (yay) whilst the form that I see in the outside world seems denser than ever. It is true and also an illusion. Whilst kindness is growing like wild flowers in and around communities and companies and families… those that are open to being fed fear are… closing their minds rather than learning and that, can be shocking to witness. Because it’s just so dense.

Up until 2012 we were doing the work for these beautiful souls, explaining everything to them, doing things for them, transmuting their feelings and fears for them and processing their situations for them. That was in our soul blueprint and it felt right because it was, right.

Between 2012 – 2019 we were guided to move out of one-sided relationships where we were doing the work for the other person, because quite simply, we would not be able to do our life’s work carrying their body and ours.

So we put them down and many relationships ended because they were unwilling to grow into the new paradigm with us: Reciprocal Relationships (last weeks workshop.) Our soul blueprint had changed.

Now in 2020, we are not responsible for helping others to ascend, now we are only responsible for our own ascension.

You’ll notice that the Universe no longer rewards you for trying to be responsible for others anymore. You’ll get a universal slap in the face! Have you noticed that? Like it really doesn’t feel good to do anymore (not like before 2012.) We are no longer meant to make them see, “get it” or free them. You’ll be left feeling super heavy. The Universe is giving you these huge signs. Please trust and start anew.

Don’t take on or take in anyone else’s energy over the phone, internet or face to face. That’s their work now, not yours. “Body is this your energy? Nope!”

What we are being called to do now, is focus on ourselves. To rejuvenate our nervous systems. You can offer healing tools and offer up, “it’s best to do your own research to make up your own mind”, if asked. Each is responsible for their own ascension now. It’s time to breathe out and come back into what you need.

Meet people where they are at so you can still enjoy them. Can you have compassion for them whilst being good to you in an interaction?

If you’re interested in joining me for a power workshop I’m running next week, it’s for us to take our power back off the outside world and hear ourself at our deepest level so we know which way to go with our businesses, relationships and life over second part of this year. It’s time to put the energy back on ourselves and our trajectory. Tickets are at a low cost, either £10 or £6 depending on your financial situation. The workshop will be recorded incase you miss it. You can find out more here. 

Big LOVE to you.
Keep coming back to you and invest back in you. We’ve become so used to investing in other people, now is the time to invest in ourselves and those in our sweet inner circle. I wish for you lightness and real rejuvenation.

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