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Here’s How We RISE

By May 18, 2020No Comments

Every time we heal we jump timelines.

Healing means we vibrate ourselves OUT of whatever current situation we’re in and into a higher one.

And you’ve done this a lot in your lifetime. Every time you decide that you’re done with something and change your thinking/heal your blocks – you RISE. You RISE to a new reality – a new timeline. (Well, you are fucking awesome!)

How can we RISE during this time?

We RISE by going inwards and turning our healing ON, power ON and LOVE ON.  We RISE because we were born to.
And: IT. IS. TIME.

Here’s how we RISE:

We heal our relationship with the WORLD that is unmasking itself more and more.
The more horror we witness? The more healing we activate internally so we rise.

And really? It’s no different than what we would do with a personal situation. What is your process for healing yourself? Here’s mine:

  1. I decide what I DON’T want. (For me? It’s world control, censorship etc.) I am clear on what I don’t want which brings my power and sovereignty BACK.
  2. I decide what I DO want (and visualise it every time I see something I don’t want.) You have the power NOW to re-birth this new world that begins in YOU. You do not need to participate in a timeline – just because it’s being shown to you. Instead you create your own.
  3. I detox what’s in my way with: SHADOW WORK. I own the shadow I see in the world that upsets me. What has upset you beautiful woman? For me, it’s crimes against humanity. So you would look at that – find the traits you cannot be with and own those to RISE. (If you’re new to shadow work or need a refresher, my book, Turn Yourself On will support you to own your shadow so you free yourself. You can find it here. Shadow work is essential for ascension.
  4. I FORGIVE them. I forgive myself. This does not condone what they do. Forgiveness free’s me from hooking into that disgust, anger, fear or energy I witness in the world and staying there. In that low ebb. Forgiveness liberates the soul and in my view is one of the quickest ways to rise to a new a timeline. You will also find this in my book. Have you forgiven yourself? You deserve your own forgiveness. I’ve forgiven myself for blindly putting my trust in false lights, false guardians and hero worshipping.
  5. I take self-love ACTION – if it turns me ON and my light? I DO it.
  6. I take world action. So I do whatever I’m called to do on the world stage. To assist in moving away from false lights and into true light.
    Also – if you’ve freed yourself from one-sided relationships and narcissistic relationships – use those same tools towards the world, because it’s the same/same. (If you joined me on the free workshop a couple of weeks ago you’ll definitely have those tools! Please use them anytime you feel small and disempowered.)

Women everywhere are RISING. And I know you are too. In whatever way you are rising – big and small – thank you. Mother Earth needs you turned ON and turned UP in your own signature energy.

Real healing = Real freedom.

Real freedom from the timeline we’re in.

We got this. We can do this. We’ve already done it. Remember this – you and me? We’ve already moved through this moment in time because our Higher Self is our future self and is guiding us now. We do know what to do.

And we are doing this. Quietly, in our homes, we are RISING. Know that nothing you see in the outside world has more power than YOU. NOTHING. Don’t buy into potential timelines being shown to you – this new world begins in YOU – just like everything else you’ve manifested in your life? It’s always started with YOU. This time is no different, except that we’re not on our own – we have each other – HI!

It IS time to RISE. Can you feel it? What timeline do you want to be on? Every time you see it, you get a HUGE hug from Mother Earth.

Thank you.

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