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Free Workshop – Narcissism/Collective Narcissism

By April 27, 2020No Comments

I’ve decided to run another free workshop for us this Thursday 30th April!

As the vibration of this planet RISES, the light is literally lighting up the dark – how many of you are seeing things that you’ve never seen before? It can be shocking. But. If you’ve healed from one sided relationships like narcissism, you already have the tools to deal with this. Are you using them?

On Thursday we’re going to run through these tools together, which will help you not only strengthen your boundaries with narcissistic type people but will put the power and ENERGY back into you when dealing with the Collective’s Narcissism. Because it’s the SAME/SAME. Same deal, same tools, same freedom to ascend to a new timeline. For you and this world. Let’s RISE!

We’re going to ROCK these tools on Thursday! (Whether you identify as a beginner or advanced in your narc tools!)

If you’d like to join, you can register here.

(Registering also means you’ll receive the recording of the workshop in case you miss it.)

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See you Thursday!


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