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Free Webinar to connect to your power

By April 20, 2020No Comments

How are you beautiful? If you’ve taken in a lot of information over these past few weeks and are wanting to connect strongly to your power I thought I’d run a free webinar for us all.

It’s this Thursday and it’s for us to:

  1. Talk about where we’re at. Whether you’ve gone down some rabbit holes or have just taken a lot in, how are you feeling? What are you needing right now? We’re going to express that to get it out of our bodies!
  2. Use these 3 key tools to get through this time, powerfully.
  3. Do a meditation to visualise the world you want to live in.

If you’d like to receive this support, you can register here.

They’ll be time for Q and A.

The main question I’ve been asking myself is: How can I stay connected to my light and power AND watch what’s going on in the world? Because some of it is shocking and dark. This is what we’ll be tackling on the call. How do we do this without spiritually bypassing what’s actually happening?You are invited to join us here if you’d like more tools to connect strongly to your power and your light.

See you on the call!

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