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What comes IN? Must go OUT!

By April 1, 2020April 2nd, 2020One Comment

How are you feeling? I felt lethargic and crusty today and knew I’d feel better if I went out for a walk… but 1pm came and went, 2,3,4pm… I had my green juice and cacao to wind me up like a dolly so I could march out of here, triumphant… but my body remained, here. No chocolate was going to work today! And I’ve had a lot of it! Haha.

Hmmm… there’s stuff I need to do, but to do it, I need to feel GOOOOD. Can’t create when crappy. Know what I mean?

To clear out your cobwebs try this:

Stuff that’s coming IN to you:

Clear your energy regularly. You might not be in the world, but if you’re letting the world IN on your phone and TV? You’re still letting the world in.

You still need your beautiful boundaries in place to maintain your beautiful energy.

Here’s a boundary I’m using right now:  Does this add to me, or take away?

If what you absorb, adds to you? You’ll feel more like YOU. You’ll have more energy than you did before. Your own guidance system will be even clearer.

If something takes away from you? You’re more likely to feel, grumpy. Tired. Vague on what you want to do next. Disconnected from self.

You don’t deserve that, no matter how entertaining something was.

Your energy is precious.

Notice if you’re still on auto pilot in some places; watching and taking in stuff that contracts you. When you’re next on your social media feed – ask yourself; does this post add to me or take away? YOU get to decide who and what you absorb. No-one else.

Stuff that needs to come OUT of you:

Another way to clear your energy is to let what needs to come out to come OUT!

If you’re living in close proximity to other people, you may have gotten quieter… which doesn’t just suppress your emotional body, it suppresses your health, immune system and connection to your CORE.

So guess what I did today? I put on my headphones, and danced all the WEIRDNESS out of me – making weird shapes – making weird low level noises – getting whatever feeling, whether I knew what it was or not… OUT.

What you let IN and what you let OUT will clear your energy so you remain that clear channel for your goodness to flow through and outwards.

The more you let out, the more you can connect back to yourself.

I’m going to do this IN/OUT practice daily until I feel fully connected back to my power again… I realised today that I’d absorbed the collectives’ energy out there – and I haven’t done that in two weeks, so it surprised me.

It’s time to strengthen myself by narrowing the net even further of what I let IN and by letting more OUT. Particularly on days when the energy outside feels heavy.

Thank you for all your gorgeous emails about the higher self meditation – I am so glad it is such a support for you at this time. If you missed it Click here to access it.

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My deepest love to you,


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