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Higher Self Meditation

By March 26, 2020April 2nd, 2020No Comments

How are you feeling today? I’m feeling really good! Not because of the outside world. But: Because I changed my allegiance.

Instead of grounding myself through connection to my family, or the outside world, I ground myself through connecting to Source, the Universe, Goddess, God, the Creator – whatever your preferred vernacular is; as my reference point. For safety. For truth. For guidance. I did this years ago but more specifically last year.  It was a relief actually.

To no longer need the outside world to feed me feelings of safety for example, the outside world ceases to dictate if I feel fear or not. If I feel fear, I know that is mine and my guidance system – and I follow it. I don’t take in fear from the outside world anymore – because that is not my fear. That is not my guidance system.

It means that for the most part? I am free from going up and down like a yo-yo with the outside world. And if I do? I meditate more often to remind me of this truth.

You have the all the tools and ability inside you right now to move through this. Not by spiritually bypassing with false positivity or ignoring practical actions that are important for you to take for your health, work life and so on… (I am self-isolating) but by understanding that your higher self (otherwise known as your future self) has already moved through this point in time and so knows how to do it.

By connecting daily to your higher self, you receive the information you need.

So right now, whether you’re rocking your tools and are feeling great, or are somewhere in between or your tools are lying dormant? Know that you do know what to do. That you do know how to get through this. Because your higher self has already done it.

This goes for anything in your life. Your higher self already knows and is already guiding you… if you give yourself permission to trust and listen and value it.

So for every social media post you read or hear, that tells you to, calm your mind, it’s a scary time, so do this or do that?

You’re hearing their guidance system.

Very few people out there are channelling information and posting for you. They are posting for them. Big difference.

I think it’s always been like that but I am truly seeing it now.

It’s really shown me who is doing the work and who isn’t.

So I have recorded a higher self meditation for you to support you in hearing your own messages.  Because you do know. You are fabulous. You are wise beyond words.

Click here to access it.

Your guidance system does know how to navigate these waters, whether they are choppy for you or currently calm. I wish you a strong connection to yourself so you stay empowered during this time.

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