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Energy Read of Current Events

By March 14, 2020No Comments

How are you going beautiful? As the 3D world looks like it’s hooking our attention away from ourselves with the Coronavirus and all round chaos… Use the tools you’ve learned to stay connected to yourself.

What works for you?

What keeps you focussed on love not fear?
What helps you DO what you came here to do? (Because some of the distraction out there is deliberate.)
What allows you to follow your truth and discard illusion?
What helps you witness rather than carry the collectives grief, shock and fear so you shine bright and on purpose?
Now is the time to use those tools so you continue RISING without distraction.

When you react in fear, what you’re saying is, the world has power over me. Actually, it doesn’t. Turn your power ON. Use everything you’ve learned NOW to stay IN your power. You know enough.

If you’re in reaction
You’re lowering your vibration.

Being a walking reaction means the world has power over you and is instructing you how to be.

Can you respond today rather than react? How would that look? How would you know you were doing it? How would it feel?

A question you might like to meditate on is: Who would I be if I weren’t in reaction to the outside world?

Be HER because that’s YOU! And that’s the most powerful place you can be!

You really can carry an independent vibration to what’s going on.

I recorded a short Youtube video to help here.

YOU ARE AMAZING! Keep your beautiful energy intact!

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