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Free Workshop: Decision Making

By May 29, 2020No Comments

How are you feeling today? I’m sending you a blanket of love to wrap yourself up in – you do so much for those around you, this planet and I know you’re doing a lot for yourself too.

Connecting to ourselves to hear our wisdom on which way to go in life is always important, but especially now. You may have big life decisions on the table or a succession of little ones. When you can hear yourself deeply and believe yourself, you will always make the right decision for yourself. Because you do know the right way to go!

Starting from Wednesday next week I will be teaching a 5 week course that is free for you all. It’s a technique called Hand Map Healing™ that I’ve developed for us to hear our own guidance clearly in any situation so we can navigate our own life quickly.

Next week we begin with Power Week; bring a particular situation to this session and discover how to hear yourself so clearly, so that you do make the right, confident decision for you. This is you in your power in ANY situation. Fora in London have invited me to run this on their platform which I’m really excited about! You can register for free here. 

Because things either add to you or take away, right? So this is a good place to start with any decision you need to make – does it add to you or take away?

Be good to you. Hear yourself, believe yourself and trust yourself.

I’m looking forward to popping my cherry (OO!) with my first Instagram live next week and adding regular video chats on social media so see you on Facebook Instagram and Twitter for more love and support. x


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