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I have anxiety

By June 12, 2019March 25th, 2020No Comments

“I have anxiety.” I’m hearing this a lot right now and it’s never sat right with me because anxiety isn’t an emotion.

Anxiety is a culmination of feelings that have not been processed. It’s the end result of not being able to sit with your feelings.

When we can sit in our feelings with no agenda and just simply surrender to them? Peace comes. No matter how big the feelings.

Peace comes.

How can peace flood into your body like that? It comes because your body knows it’s being looked after. It’s been signalling to you through anxiety to take a look inside. So it can exhale because it knows it’s being taken care of.

How do we take care of it?

Express not suppress the feeling
Breathe into it and surrender to it
We follow its wisdom that’s always leading us back to self-love


Otherwise it’s BS, right?

It’s BS to suppress, repress or deny your feelings in order to stay positive.

If you’ve been grappling with anxiety or know someone who is, you’ll know that it can fill you up so much, it can be hard to get through the day.

When you stop and take the time you need to make friends with this anxiety? (Because it’s a process) It will have no power over you anymore. Instead you’ll know that each time you feel this feeling? It means you need to… what is it for you? Only you know when you find out! Be brave enough to feel your feelings and follow their thread back to self-love and self-support. The Turn On Process in my book, Turn Yourself On takes you through this life tool.

You don’t have anxiety. You have a bunch of feelings that you haven’t addressed yet. They might range from not feeling good enough, worrying about what people think of you (judgement) feeling fear from the collective, fear of doing something (lack of trust in your abilities AND not letting Source in so you feel you have to do EVERYTHING on your own.) The anxiety is your body’s way of bringing your attention back to self so you can heal it.

EBS is a tool that turns your emotional health ON. From here, subconscious healing will allow you to go deeper.

You don’t have to live with anxiety if you know how to process emotions and take the action that comes from that. We did this in class today. You can get the recording here.

Be gentle with yourself and know you are not on your own.

You can heal anything. Remember that.


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