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I used to over-give so much to my friends that I would watch them set sail on their dreams, powered by my daily phone calls of checking in, helping them face their fears and fuelling them with whatever channelled message came through me for them that day. They were my unofficial “clinic hours” for what would become my life’s purpose of coaching women to free themselves so they can fucking GO FOR IT!

Haha sorry I do swear a bit!

I also KNOW you’re talented.

And YOU know you are needed on this planet – right?

… But do you know that what’s holding you back right now? Isn’t. Actually. Real? It’s just a bunch of flimsy beliefs and programs…

So would the real, talented YOU please stand up?

What have you been holding back on?

  • Your life’s purpose/business?
  • A project?
  • Getting fit?
  • A decision?
  • Putting yourself out there, be that to meet someone or to do something that up until now you’ve been scared of?

…How much support have you allowed in?
What percentage of your day do you spend on this desire?

Did you know that your avoidance of perceived pain is often why you find yourself procrastinating? And yet Goddess:

You can’t avoid pain.
So you have two choices:

The pain of being out of alignment or the pain of being in alignment.  The pain of being out of alignment is disempowering and exhausting for both you and “upstairs” who try every day to get you back on your path. The pain of being in alignment is empowering and propelling because although it’s scary and painful to go to your next level, you’ll never feel more alive and in your power when you do.

This month in my webinar we’re going to:

  • Clear your fear, blocks and self-sabotage with Theta Healing® Shadow Work and Energy Healing to get you back into alignment and back into your power.
  • Connect deeply to your soul and purpose.
  • Power yourself up internally by putting in new belief programs so that you take external measurable action this month.

If you’d like to be held accountable for going for your dreams, if you need more support and want to give yourself a powerful month that you can be proud of, you can join The Power Class here.

I coach clinical psychologists, top business women who are already making 7-figures, women who were going so well and then suddenly dropped down, mums (who have the most important job ever) and women like you and me. Basically, no shame if you’re needing your power back because somewhere along the way you lost it. We women flourish quickest when we’re with each other and not going it alone. That’s why I do my monthly classes in Goddess, You’re Home. A home for us to flourish in. The women in this group are real and inspire me – I love them!

Have an awesome week and STEP into your POWER more this week if you DARE!
What would that look like? You can tell me below in the comments if you like. x


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