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Hello from England!

By April 2, 2019No Comments

I’ve missed you! I’m happy to say we moved smoothly to England in March and I’m really happy to be here! It just feelsright. Can’t massively articulate it – just that I’m in love with London and the way my new life is unfolding. Feel very grateful to everyone around me for supporting me so much.

Here’s a pic of me last Wednesday about to go to an evening meeting in London – I’m not quite sure what my “winter style” is going to be, but this is my first professional meeting crack at it!

In my last week of living in Australia, my beautiful neighbour said, “By the way woman, you don’t seem stressed with this move – HOW COME??”  I told her, “It’s down to 3 things:”

1. I meditate daily. 2. My husband ROCKS (Did this move twice as a single mum – that’s stressful) 3. I’m in alignment.
That’s it.

Sooo… I have taught meditation classes for over 20 years and hear:

“I just can’t get into it.”
“I want to deepen my practice but don’t have the time.”
“I don’t regularly meditate – fear of missing out (FOMO) often stops me.”

And also

“It doesn’t do much for me.”
“Gak! I can’t shut the voices out.”

I’ve never had a problem meditating.

I don’t:

~witness my feelings
~suppress my feelings “in order to go up”
~Focus on getting calm

Suppressing or denying my human feelings to connect to spirit has never worked for me. What I do is use the uncomfortable feelings I often feel at the beginning of closing my eyes to heal myself. Then I reach spirit easily. It’s a technique I love teaching because it goes with our natural flow rather than fighting it. I think fighting how we feel is often the root cause of not being able to meditate naturally.

This month I’m teaching a live online class on meditation.

We’re going to:

  • Meditate in real time together so you’ll leave feeling refreshed.
  • As we ‘go up’ tell me about blocks you may be feeling. Together we will release them so you can deepen your practice of meditating and connect to your higher self more easily. And by the way? The weirder the block the better! No judgement here, remember I’ve heard everything  This is where you get really honest and real and share it live on the call so I can help you through it.
  • Learn techniques to melt the discomfort and resistance often felt at the beginning of meditation.  We use everything you’re feeling to go deeper and vibrate higher.
    This class is perfect for all levels, whether you’re advanced or have never meditated or been able to before.

If you want to deepen your own personal practice, hear your wisdom on something important to you, connect to your higher self and learn new techniques for honouring your big human uncomfortable feelings as you meditate, this class is for you – you can join it here.

Have a beautiful week!

You’re gorgeous! Remember that – treat yourself like a QUEEN and watch the world around you follow suit. (Because if it’s not a match for your high self-love you just won’t accept it.)


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