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Happy New Year my love! I know you have big dreams you want to fulfil this year.

I feel very much that 2019 is the year of external action for external success whereas 2018 was all about internal action in order to be ready for this year of going out there AND DOING IT. (Whatever you’ve been holding back on up until now.)

Which gets me onto the topic of self-sabotage. It’s not a feel good word is it?

Did your heart sink even to see it in print?

The good news is, that in my experience the people with the most potential? Self-sabotage the most; which means, ‘You got big potential kid!’

So it’s actually a good sign! And just know that you can free yourself from it.

I actually get excited when we find where you’ve been self-sabotaging, because once you transform this?  You’re free to create the kind of success you know is possible for you.  Because right now?  You know there’s more success possible for you; you do, don’t you?

I’m running a class on this next week, so we start this year free! You can check it out here.

So let’s start; how do you think you’re self-sabotaging your own success, stopping yourself or slowing yourself down right now?  Tell me out loud.

Are you procrastinating? Do you ever think that you’re not good enough, that you’re not ready yet… so you’ll just make your “move” later…?  Are you under-earning yet over-giving in your job right now?  Are you doing that ‘thing’ to yourself that you know you should stop (because it’s hurting your health and wellbeing) and yet… you can’t?  Do you push him away – just when it begins to get good again between you two?

Self-sabotage is like an internal fight:

Want to stop sabotaging your own success?

1. So the first step is to realise that this self-sabotage?  Is keeping you safe. What would happen if you got successful? Are you frightened of the attention it would get you, and what that would mean? For you and your family? Would you worry it would be too much for you and you’d be overwhelmed with all there is to do?  Are you scared of taking action incase you really do find out you are in fact, not good enough or a failure? Are you worried of people’s jealousy and judgement of you as you step out of the shadows?  Are you worried you’d do it wrong?  What would you lose? Would it leave you vulnerable?

Know that you sabotaging your success is your escape from perceived pain.

2. The second step is to heal this pattern at the deepest level in you – your subconscious. Did you know that 85% of what’s stopping you lives in your subconscious? Obviously we can’t do this here, but in my next class next week, I will be. (Details below.) What I will tell you is this: Listen to why you’re sabotaging and the way forward becomes clear.  What is it leading you to do? Finish this sentence: “Every time I self-sabotage, it’s my sign that I need…” (pick one) real support, freedom, to be kind to myself, to tell myself I can do it, to get help…  What is it for you?

When you listen to your self-saboteur?  It will have no power over you anymore.

3. The third step is to insert this little ‘care pack’ into any moment you realise you’re self-sabotaging.  SAY: “I need to look after myself.”  ASK: yourself: Do I need inner-strength, transformation, self-love or to receive?  ACTION: Do it within 1 minute of realising you’re self-sabotaging.

It doesn’t matter what you’ve just done to yourself, know that in the next moment, you have the power to turn away from self-sabotaging your success and to walk straight into self-love.  Run a bath and get in, call someone you love, go for a walk, ask for help NOW.  You have the power to turn it around. And your self-love? Is your ticket out of here.

So don’t beat yourself up if you know you’ve been sabotaging your success. It’s just your sign that you need something:

Compassion. Love. Help.

And when you act on this knowledge?  Plus healing deeply?  You’ll be free to create the success you’ve been dreaming of.  You deserve it. Because your happiness is everything!

If you’d like to heal this deeply within, join my next class here.

You’re only a step away from giving yourself the love and support you need. 


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