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You WON in 2018!

By December 20, 20182 Comments

And the winner is… YOU! In 2018! You know why?

It’s win/win isn’t it?
You’re either growing internally.
Or externally.
You get to choose how much.

What are you having to grow internally because of external lack?

What are you now able to grow externally because of your internal growth?

We’re always growing either internally or externally or sometimes both.
So you’re winning all the time!

But the question is, are you going to let the hard times gift you self-love, self-respect, determination, power, transformation? Or are you going to sink down into the vibration of ‘it’ and ‘become it’ and not realise the gifts that are for you?

I said at the beginning of this year that I felt 2018’s theme was self-mastery – this year was asking us to do it differently. Our relationship with self, the Universe and others.

I’ve LOVED this year. It’s been my best ever year. 2018 has given me so much!  I made sure to work with the intense energy and not run from it. And let me tell you, there have been some real shitty bits. But to know that I’m always winning internal growth or external growth? The happenings in the outside world hold less weight.

In learning not to attach my happiness or safety to external outcomes I’ve found that I’m opening out into more joy than ever. I am free to right now: Because truly – why should something else outside of me have the power to give me a good day or a bad day? I’m too important for that! (And so are you.)

And it sounds weird to say this out loud but I also feel more ‘me’ than ever – less diluted with the vibrations of others because I am mastering my own. I’ve been teaching this in my monthly online classes and we’ve all been focussing on becoming less permeable to other people’s energies. It’s a game changer actually, especially if you’re an empath. It’s something I’ve been doing consciously since I hit 40yrs old (almost 6 years ago!) but have never taught it. 2018 for me also accelerated my teachings.

What has 2018 gifted you? What ‘invisible’ Christmas presents are really under that tree? You know, the ones you can’t see but can really feel in your life now?  Often internal healing is invisible to the outside world, and your outside world may not have changed as much as your internal world. But, how good does it feel inside of you now? And you know what happens with all this work you’ve done? You start to want to take action on it – in the outside world.

2018 groundwork = 2019 inspired action!

Ah Goddess, honour everything you’ve done for yourself this year, you are more amazing than you know! My clients love to buy themselves a Goddess Gift to thank themselves for their exquisite transformation.  What would you like to give yourself today? Or how would you like to acknowledge yourself? (I’m buying myself a gift to thank myself today and will be putting it under the Christmas tree!) It’s important to acknowledge ourselves, it helps us to digest the year which opens up more space to receive more. (The feminine way of acknowledging ourselves which I much prefer for myself.)

I wish for you all the happiness, love and success in the world! To be in alignment, to be in your FLOW and to be kind and loving to yourself! X

Next class is on freeing ourselves from self-sabotage. When you join this class you automatically get access to all previous classes too and 50+ video’s to empower, heal and love yourself.

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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you!


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  • Fiona Chapman says:

    Dear Marina, wishing you the best Christmas and all love for 2019. Thank you for continuing to inspire me, I find myself asking What would Marina do? And I find the answer and act on it! You are one amazing, fabulous woman. Thank you.
    Big kiss, Fi x (Fiona )

    • Marina J says:

      OO Fiona thank you! Wishing you the best Christmas and New Years too – here’s to 2019 – keep RISING like the Goddess you are! You know there’s a trail of glitter wherever you go Goddess! 😉 xxx

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