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By December 11, 2018No Comments

Whatever you’re dealing with right now?

Can you say:

“I forgive myself for calling in this current situation?”

Because your higher self has called this situation in right now for you to learn from.

Forgiving yourself is the ultimate act of self-love isn’t it?

I mean, what’s so bad about you that you deserve to ever beat yourself up about any situation?

That you’re a lesser person for having called in these lessons from the Universe to grow in?

Um NO.
(All it means is that you’re deliciously human and deliciously on your way! We’re all doing it!)

So are you willing to forgive yourself for calling them into your current timeline so you could jump to the next vibrational timeline?

Because forgiving yourself means you truly understand how this Universe works. Beating yourself up actually means you need an education; an education in Universal Law. Once you have this? You’ll no longer beat yourself up and get real quick at forgiving yourself.

“I’m too precious to not forgive myself quickly. I’m too precious to hold any guilt or shame.”

Did you know that the level of forgiveness we have for ourself or another is the same level of love, success and happiness we’ll allow in?

When we can’t forgive, a part of us lives in the past so we are not totally present. We will feel more tired, and block our ability to absorb the good that is all around us right now.

Are you ready to forgive yourself?
Because you deserve to.
Because you’re beautiful.
Because you’re meant to.
You’re not meant to hold onto hurt, pain, guilt or shame from the past.

You deserve to forgive yourself for what you did or did not do.

You deserve to forgive yourself for not doing better. For letting yourself down. For not being where you wanted to be by now.

When we forgive ourselves?
We get light, really light and loving towards ourselves. It’s kind of like our self-love switches on fully and we’re open and magnetic to our good again.

This Wednesday we’re forgiving ourselves as a mark of self-love. So we release any sticky bits from the year so that we are free and light to fly into 2019.

If this speaks to you, you can join us here


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