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Energy Abuse Can Be Subtle

By December 6, 2018No Comments

Energy abuse can be subtle: The ones you describe as, “oh they’re so lovely” can still leech energy from you.

If you’re running a program right now that says, ‘I’m not important, you are,’ you send a frequency out into the world that people can’t see but they can feel. And it says; it’s ok to dump on me, it’s ok to take but not give, it’s ok to dump and run.

Here’s the thing – if you’re a natural giver? You don’t need to participate in that timeline anymore. There are always going to be people who like being on that timeline because they too haven’t woke up from, ‘I’m important, you’re not.’

Neither one is good, neither one is bad, we’re all learning how to be whole. Some are learning external love, some are learning internal love.

If you’re learning internal love, the phrase I love to use to bring me back to a timeline where reciprocal relationships live and I thrive is: Am I treating myself like a Goddess right now?

It’s a yes/no answer.

I invite you to ask yourself this Q right now – are you?

And ask it during the day, especially around people who you classify as ‘lovely.’

Those are where the biggest energy drains can be because we make excuses for them and don’t maintain boundaries that say; “I’m not available for this.”

Repeat after me Goddess:
‘Lovely people’ can still be ‘energy leaks.’

Whether they’re lovely or not, the end result is the same, your energy is leaking away.

Your energy is precious!

Remember: You don’t owe anybody anything.

*BUT* you do owe yourself an apology. Of the sweetest kind. Can you say sorry to yourself and HUG yourself for participating in relationships that are not even?

OO! The lifting up to a kinder timeline has already begun. HURRAH!

I coached on this topic in last months class, next class is on self-forgiveness, link to all classes is here.

I’m running these classes and writing this to you because I know how sensitive you are to other people’s energy and how much you give. Plug up the leaks and you’ll have more of your energy available for your life.

Have a gorgeous week!


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