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If Your Life Is Holding Less And Less Appeal?

By November 29, 2018No Comments

If your life is holding less and less appeal?


It’s your sign you’ve outgrown it.


This might be your job. People. The things you used to like to do.

When what used to speak to you and light you up suddenly doesn’t? It’s because its become old energy for you.

It represents where you used to be and the vibration you used to be at.

What people, places or things are you no longer attracted to – if you’re honest?

Which conversations suddenly feel limited and cardboard like? Are some people asleep in their own life? Or perhaps run by fear?

You might be seeing people with new eyes. Your new eyes can now see through fake persona’s, constructed out of fear, and you might find you’re no longer attracted to or look up to them anymore. Because you can see through it.

And that’s ok, they’re just where you used to be. And I’m where somebody else used to be. I would hope they would have compassion for me.

If you’ve been healing on the inside and are suddenly finding your life is holding little or no appeal? CELEBRATE! Your life just hasn’t caught up with you yet… and it will!

There can often be a time lag when we transform ourselves. The practicality of our lives vibrates at a denser rate than our energetic selves, so please remember this if you’re feeling lacklustre and turned off by it all.

I was chatting to an old friend many years ago who suddenly found modern life less and less appealing. He could see nothing he wanted to watch on TV, let alone keep doing the same job he’d been doing all these years. He’d become depressed and his life had become smaller and smaller as he withdrew, feeling misunderstood by many and disillusioned that nothing seemed to make him happy anymore. Not like it used to.

Upon chatting to each other I floated the idea that perhaps it was healthy that he was no longer attracted to the “old energy” he once was, because he’d grown as a person, but hadn’t let himself desire or create the new. He was stuck in what he didn’t want, forgetting he could create the new.  He hadn’t thought of it that way before and often we don’t, forgetting we have the power right now to have the new flowing in – a ‘new’ that fits us!

If you’ve ever experienced a rapid speed of growth, if you think you’re waking up – your current life will no longer turn you on. Your current life represents the thoughts and beliefs you had running 6 months ago.  Your current life is the end result of your previous thinking.

Which means, your future life will become what you are currently thinking – it will not stay the same. Have faith and trust. Breathe that in.

  • Don’t drop down to where your life currently is – remember it’s the old energy.
  • You are not the way he talks to you.
  • You are not the way he looks at you.
  • You are not her perception of you.
  • You are not their treatment of you.
  • You are not your bank account.
  • You are not what’s happening to you.
  • You are not your body, job, or situation you find yourself in.
  • You are not the success or current failure of your life.
  • Can you cultivate an independent vibration to your current life? That’s how you keep rising. It’s what I’ve been teaching in class this month and it’s one of the best ways to manifest, and stay in your joy no matter what is happening.
  • Call in the new people, situations and things you want – that match your new interests and self-respect and self-love.

Celebrate that you’re no longer attracted to what’s around you! HUG yourself as you read these final words:


GODDESS = Choosing to Have a Divine Relationship With Yourself

Forgive yourself for calling in the old timeline – you participated in it because it had lessons for you.  You no longer need it. Forgive the people you called in to teach you these lessons. Thank them and take your beautiful self to the new vibration you feel growing inside of you. Your new timeline will be softer on you as you no longer need the harsh lessons of before. On your new timeline is real love, you flowing and expanding in all ways… x

And I look forward to seeing it Goddess. You’ve never been more beautiful or inspiring than now.

Your wings are already flying you from your current surroundings to your new destination – can you feel it?

So just use any dissatisfaction with the present to remind you of how far you’ve come!

And it can’t stay like this if you keep rising. It will have to rise up with you or get replaced with a vibrational match for you. That’s how the universe works and it’s cheering you all the way – it’s your biggest supporter you know!

They’re cheering for you upstairs – GO YOU!!!

I hope this helps you integrate the new changes you’ve been making in your life.
Have an awesome week!


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