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Every Problem Arrives With It’s Corresponding Solution

By November 29, 2018No Comments

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When you’re worrying about stuff? Remember:

Every problem arrives with it’s corresponding solution.


It’s the law of the Universe.

If you’re worrying right now? The solution has already arrived along with it!

Your solution is already here. But it does not live in your current vibration.

Remember that thinking and worrying about problems is on one vibrational frequency and solutions live on another vibrational frequency.

So how do you find or manifest a solution for this fast?

By RAISING your vibration. And one of the quickest ways to vibrate highly? Is to heal the pattern that has kept you vibrating at the level of the problem.

Clear that and you will no longer be a match for the problem and rise higher to where the good feelings and solutions live.

So take your attention off the problem and off the worry and into you. HEAL YOU. In whatever way works for beautiful you.

The Universe would never give us Goddesses a problem to activate ourselves with; without the corresponding most beautiful solution. Yes it’s out there and it’s waiting for you now.


Focus more on the rising than anything else.

If you’re being presented with something scary right now or worrying? Your solution already exists. It’s just on another timeline. Raise your vibration to reach it and you’ll not only find the solution, you’ll have LIFTED your vibration up also – it’s win win!

Next class is on raising our vibration to manifest, especially if you know you’re a sensitive or empath, I can’t wait to share this information with you click here to join.


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