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Create A Love Affair for Life

By October 3, 2018November 9th, 2018No Comments

Want to create a love affair for life?

With the man you’re with?
With a man you’re yet to meet?

I see you and I know you’re beautiful, work bloody hard and deserve to have the kind of relationship that turns you ON.

  • Your light ON
  • Your happiness ON
  • Your confidence ON
  • And give you great big orgasms to boot!

Whether you’re currently in a great relationship, a not so great relationship or are wanting a relationship, this months class is going to give you a big fat boost of confidence AND we have a real live MAN joining us for you to ask your questions to! OO!

And that man is my husband, Paul! Yes, you’re going to meet him, he’s a straight shooter, (he’s not a life coach but is a man who will give you straight answers) he’s a lot of fun and KNOWS women are meant be treated like a Queen. (And btw he came to me like that. I didn’t have to teach him anything, in fact he gorgeously reminds me of this every day. I’m not kidding.)

And I want this for you too. And if you already have this? We’re going to take you HIGHER.

I’ve had relationships with men who made it all about them, took but didn’t give back, drained me and when I look back I can see that I kept trying with these men. My Goddess if I’d known what I know now? I would have let them wine me and dine me AND LEFT IT RIGHT THERE.

In this months class we’re going to:

  • Empower you to raise your standards, self-respect and self-love to create a love affair for life. You deserve nothing less.
  • You’ll get your questions answered and leave feeling powerful, renewed, refreshed, JUICY, confident and READY to take yourself higher in relationships.

I’m smiling as I write this because I cannot wait to do this with you! See you in class! To join click here.

If you know of somebody who needs this class, forward this email and send them here.

A gift from Turn Yourself On

“Hotness in your relationship has everything to do with how you feel and nothing to do with how long you’ve shared a life together.

When people crack jokes about marriage and sex, wait? What sex? It can only be said by people who have let something else dampen the hotness. And it isn’t time. It’s unresolved issues.

What can suck hotness from a relationship? It’s when you and/or he are being continually sucked dry by routine and the running of your lives and the household. When you put routine and all else first and above your devout pleasure: you Dry-out™.”

-Excerpt from Turn Yourself On
-Pic credit: Cheryl, thank you! xx

How can you re-ignite your relationship today in 3 simple steps?
Ask yourself:

1. Who is setting the tone for this relationship; him or me? Make it YOU today; You DO KNOW what you both need. Do it. Whether that’s an early night, a night out or romance. Book it, do it, express it. Don’t hold yourself back and stop waiting for him. That isn’t romantic, it’s exhausting. The power is in your hands right now. I dare you to go past your disappointment and just DO IT. As a woman it is you that sets the tone of this relationship – because if it’s been him up until now? Has it been working for you?
2. Am I receiving twice as much pleasure as him right now? If you haven’t read Chapter 10 of my book, you need to sister. I don’t have the space to explain here but what I can tell you is that re-igniting any relationship starts with you receiving twice as much pleasure as him. NOW. Not later. Stop delaying it because you’re working. Boring. What would give you pleasure in the next 60 mins? Do it. You’ll GLOW. You’ll lift in vibration and because the relationship with yourself just got a boost – so will your romantic relationship. Receiving is the sexiest thing you can do for you both. Start with massaging your hands as you read the rest of this blog. It’s simple and begins to turn your feminine power ON.
3.  How much FUN are we having? Fun always leads to LOVE. Serious chats always lead to more seriousness which does not turn your relationship ON. How much FUN can you have with that man today? Whilst washing up? Whilst driving? Whilst talking about your to-do-list? See it matters NOT where you both find yourself – just that you make a task that usually dries you both out into FUN. How can you do that? PINCH his bottom as you sail past. Make him laugh whilst you’re both talking, hug him HUGE for no reason. Fun always leads to love – how can you let go and have a laugh in this moment? You utterly deserve to take your relationship sky HIGH.

To begin turning yourself on today click here.

Wishing you the most gorgeous week filled with LOVE happiness and JOY.
Kisses to you,

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