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Self Doubt + Self SabotageYou

Believe In Yourself. Unapologetically.

By September 11, 2018November 9th, 2018No Comments

BELIEVE in Yourself. Hugely. Unapologetically. Extravagantly.

YOU were built to make people HAPPY with your SKILLS.

At your core; REMIND YOURSELF that you’re really bloody good at something – and you might already know this and be rocking your talents or you might not fully know. Wherever you are on your journey – doing it or wanting to do it?

Know THIS:

You were ONLY made ONCE. You are literally one in a trillion trillion.

Nobody can fill your shoes. Not now. Not ever.

Your exact next move is exactly the energy needed on this planet for it to THRIVE.

You might think you’re not important but like every single molecule in your body? EVERY ONE is needed to make you a whole.

Every one of us is needed to make this planet WHOLE.

The energy you put out into the world AND the energy you’ll carry when you do your thing makes this planet whole again. And vibrate higher.

Believing in yourself is really just believing that you were made right.  That your dreams are the right dreams for you and that they are the right size for your talent.

You were made only once and God didn’t make you wrong.

Find yourself right today. Your voice, your decisions, your approach. It’s all you baby and you gotta believe it’s right!

You are healing this world each time you believe in yourself.

Find yourself right today and LIVE from this point.

(It’s the only way to live for a woman like you.)

Believe in the unique way you approach things, your WAY.

Believe in yourself Goddess.

And I promise you that when Upstairs knows that you know that?
They get so happy. Because this planet just gained another powerful woman.
Thank you.

Be in your power, find yourself right and GO FOR IT TODAY!

New class tomorrow on boosting just that – your belief in yourself so you RISE to where you belong – take a look here! See you in class!

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