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Dealing With Draining People

By September 5, 2018November 9th, 2018No Comments

Have I stopped treating myself like a goddess because YOU HAVE?

Relationships can either empower or disempower us. You already know the people who tell you the world is your oyster and the ones who see difficulty at every turn, sapping your energy one conversation at a time.

Like talking to him, or to her or your mum, dad, brother, sister, boss, “friend,” client, neighbour, family member, colleagues, fans, community, that person?

Do you feel empowered or disempowered around them?

Do you feel safe to be YOU around them?

Have you stopped treating yourself like Goddess because they have?

Disempowering relationships can sap your energy so much that you have no energy any more to be good to you. Has this ever happened to you? This used to happen to me a lot.

This week in my membership site I’m giving you a beautiful free process that you can take with you into any meeting, any family situation or conversation with “them” so you stay untouched by them. By their energy and perception of you.

You don’t need to be in the clutches of this exhausting dynamic anymore.

To get access to that click here to join Goddess, You’re Home, it will be running in our private Facebook group later on this week.

If you’re feeling drained by somebody in your life, take a dip in the The Freedom Pool:

1. You shouldn’t feel under attack in ANY relationship. Your desires, your boundaries, what you value and what’s important to you and your emotional safety. Do you feel safe to be you here? Do you feel safe to shine your light? Expose your desires? Can you say, NO without drama ensuing? Do you often lose your light, happiness and energy when you’re with them leaving you drained? Is this relationship adding to you or taking away? Journal on this, but know, it’s a yes/no answer. Your clarity will give you the freedom to create a new story with this person or walk away.  Give yourself this gift of change. Chapter 7 of my book will take you through exactly HOW to create a new story in this relationship so you’re no longer under attack when you’re with them. You can get it here.

2. Have you stopped treating yourself like a Goddess because they have? Know that their perception of you? CANNOT become YOUR perception of you. You will feel better in this moment with self-care. HOW will you CARE for yourself when you’re around this person and specifically; how will you care for yourself more this week than last week? Your mornings, your evenings? How will you top and tail your day Goddess?  Is THIS you treating yourself like a GODDESS no matter how they see you and treat you? YES. Upstairs IS cheering for you NOW. Grab that inner strength you didn’t know you had, come back into you and BE GOOD TO YOU. Pick one thing now that you’re going to do for yourself tonight and treat yourself how you want to be treated. Become your own best friend tonight.

3. Do you look forward to seeing them? This is the NO.1 indicator of how we genuinely feel about anybody. Are you turned off by them? What’s your initial reaction when you see their name come up on your phone? Follow THIS. THIS is your body, soul and INTUITION calling your attention to an often overlooked fact: Your FEELINGS ARE your intelligence system. They are guiding you now. Your mind can play tricks but your feelings never lie. Energy never lies.  So don’t you lie to yourself about how you really feel about this person. You’re not a nasty person for admitting you don’t want to see them. You’re just an honest one. Listening to your real feelings mean you CAN ONLY make the right decision here. Do you want to stay or go? Spend less time with them? Cut short a conversation that isn’t respectful? Talk to them about it or stay quiet because they can’t hear you? Remember WHO you are and don’t drop down to their vibration.

My darling if you were a painting you’d be a Botticelli. If you were a flower you’d be a Peonie. If we were close I’d want to love you for who you are, see you in all your beauty and celebrate your life with you.

Make time for real love and leave the rest.

Treat yourself like a Goddess, especially when others haven’t. It’s your ticket out of here.

You lift up and out of this vibration with every self-love action you take. It’s what I did as a single mum every time I didn’t want to deal with unloving people. I just loved myself HUGE with tons of self-care that didn’t come naturally to me. I did it especially when I didn’t feel like it and do the same today anytime I don’t want to come into contact with somebody who isn’t good for me. It doesn’t cost money or much time, just a focus on yourself.

Begin with wrapping your arms around yourself in a hug – go on, it works!
Right now I’m sitting by the fire writing this to you covered in a fluffy throw. I’ve taken care of myself tonight. Paul is away on business and is usually the one who treats me so beautifully, so now it’s my turn. Can I do it for myself? What do I need to do next to be good and kind to myself? To parent myself if needs be? To ensure I’m well looked after?

Ask yourself these questions and feel yourself genuinely lift out of the vibration you were in and lift up. Don’t worry what they do – forgive them – that’s their level of self-love talking. Now you lift yours and TREAT yourself like a Goddess, like a Queen. Especially if you’ve forgotten to! Your body is aching for it, and you’re ready. You’re too gorgeous not to!

Your happiness is EVERYTHING – I’m wishing you big laughter, lightness and happiness this week! Go on – YOU CAN create your OWN good time!


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