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Me on TV + Me in Sydney!

By August 9, 2018November 9th, 2018No Comments

Last Thursday I was interviewed live on Channel 9’s TODAY Extra Breakfast show with Sonia Kruger and David Campbell again – I LOVE them and I love the film segment they put before my interview – it’s one of my favourites and I had no idea they were going to choose that one!  I talked about reigniting romance, especially when you feel your relationships might be in Dry-out™. You can watch my segment here.

What’s funny is that I had less than 24 hours notice AND because they were running late I had to wing 95% of the interview! But as one of my favourite people pointed out – “Marina you went on at 11.11am!!” That happens to be my personal SIGN from the Universe! The Universe is always on my side!

My good friend and makeup genius Melli from Melli Cosmetics is having a give away where you can win my book! If you want to enter, simply like my Instagram page here and the winner will be announced Friday 10th August (we’ll tag you.)

Take a class with me!

If you can’t get to Sydney for my class but would like a class so you start telling a new story I’m focussing a whole class on this next week in Goddess, You’re Home. We’re going to subconsciously leave our old story behind and dance into our new one. POWERFULLY. How much good can you let in right now with the story you’ve been telling yourself this last hour? Is that to do with your business or personal life? You can join us here by clicking the monthly Goddess button here so you let the success in that you deserve. You’ll have access to over 50 videos to support yourself with today including a new one I just put up to boost your self-belief. I look forward to seeing you inside.

My New Mantra!

I want to share something I shared on Facebook yesterday:

My new MANTRA today IS: It just keeps on getting better and better! I woke up this morning feeling FUZZY. Know what I mean? Like neither good or bad, just blargh. I’ve been binge watching the TV show Entourage with Paul (my husband) and I LOVE it – especially the character, Ari – BUT the episodes are getting a bit dark and this morning I realised they’ve affected me. I’ve taken some of that energy on without realising it. I’m SO sensitive. Has this ever happened to you?

So then I’ve got a choice right? BECOME the fuzzy energy and prop myself up with caffeine (never a good idea for me!) OR challenge the FUCK out of it and transform it QUICKLY. Which is exactly what I did this morning. It’s like climbing out of that vibration and climbing back into my own delicious vibration where everything is possible.

I LOVE being in this high vibe energy – it’s where the good stuff lives – specifically – it’s me in the ZONE, it’s me at my best feeling inspired and rising UP to my dream life quicker!

There’s real power in knowing how to RISE quickly – it’s never what’s happened to you – it’s always how much focus you put on RISING up again. This gives you a power beyond what’s just happened or how you’re feeling – this is your personal power and you have it in bucket loads. Because YOU are in charge of how you feel today – not anybody else or any other energy that’s been circling you.

Know what I did? I danced how I felt (blargh) to one song, then I danced my dream life (as if I already had it) to another song, then I meditated and specifically repeated to myself; “It just keeps on getting better and better.” Because it DOES!

Any time we watch some drama on TV or are around negative people or zombie like situations we can forget that our destiny is to RISE in vibration, happiness and light. The bumps along the way are merely lessons for us to expand even more quickly. As I came out of my 10 min meditation I physically felt light, almost jittery with energy.

ANY time you and I align with the universe and remember that it keeps on getting better and better for us? We can do our best work.

So I’m sitting here and I KNOW that it will keep on getting better and better for YOU and ME! This is something I’ve always believed in, even on the shittiest days. Because although the dips are there – they DON’T DEFINE you. Just that you focus today on coming out of whatever story and energy no longer serves you.

That’s why I’m focussing a whole class on this next week in Goddess, You’re Home (and you can join here.)

And Goddess? Will you use this mantra to love yourself and rise higher and do good things with?

I hope so! I’m doing exactly that today!

And you? You’re amazing and you utterly deserve to too!

Much much love

… Because it just keeps on getting better and better!
Big hug, have a fantastic week!

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