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Have you ever felt a bit bored with it all? And the word would be: Disinterested. What you used to be so interested in, so passionate about, and used to get so fired up by? No longer moves you. 

Not like it used to anyway. So you find yourself pushing yourself through ‘it’ whether it’s your job, the gym, that commitment or that thing that you’re having to do right now?

And it’s weird right? Because you used to LOVE it! I mean really LOVE it. And now?

… Now there’s no magnetic pull.
At all.

Does this sound like you? It’s where I’m at right now.

And now it just makes you and I tired to do ‘it.’ You question why it has to be so hard, why you have to give so much to receive… well, what are you receiving exactly?

Or are you hoping that “maybe you’re just going through a dry spell” and the adrenaline will kick in again soon? And then as usual, you’ll go for it with all your energy like before? Go? Go? Go?

If this is you I want you to HUG yourself right now – because you’re feeling yourself at a deep level. It’s OK to feel deep dissatisfaction with something you held so dear.

Will you allow yourself to change?

Would it surprise you to know that THIS point you find yourself in is one of the most important times in your life? Because – listen to it and it will propel you to the new.

Ignore it and you’ll stay OUT OF ALIGNMENT. Just like you are right now. And we all know what happens when we don’t listen to the universe… we get a push, little at first, and then bigger and bigger…

So come with me now and let’s you and I be brave and let’s face what we don’t really want to face.

And that is: We’re just not interested anymore.
In that.

It’s OK.
Big breathe in.

Now. I have a question for you to play with today. Ask yourself:

What would happen if I used my disinterest to power myself towards real interest?

Am I brave enough to really go there in the next five minutes?

If so, let’s you and me do this together – right now!

Write a list of all the things that are tiring you out right now – don’t edit – just say it as it is. Say it as it feels.

Next, write out two short sentences that begin:

If I knew I’d be successful I would….
I desire to feel (insert feeling here)…. instead.

What’s been lacking for you these past few weeks?
What do you long to feel instead?

Give yourself permission to change. Give yourself permission to do it differently. 

Let your tiredness lead you – let your disinterest lead you towards real interest. The kind that turns you ON. The kind that get’s you back into the zone again so you’re clicking on all cylinders again, like you used to and like you love to.

Use these questions to free yourself up. Use the energy you’re feeling right now to propel you to where you really belong. You’re feeling weary for a reason. Follow it and your freedom awaits, your real energy awaits and your new alignment awaits.

I can’t wait to see what you do with this – as always, drop me a line or comment below – if you knew you’d be successful, what would you do?

MWA! My love to you xx

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