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By March 15, 2017November 29th, 2018No Comments

Can you feel it? We’re falling into two camps this week: Those who are doing their life differently and are feeling energised by it; and those who want to, but are scared.

And if you haven’t been making the changes in your life that you’ve been wanting to?

Today’s a brand new day all in itself babycakes! Right NOW. Right HERE.

What if you followed your desires and dropped the self-doubt?
Quit saying, “It won’t work”, “Nothing’s really going change.”
Didn’t let fear dictate you?
Grew from the tiny cocoon you’ve been holding yourself captive in?

Do you ever procrastinate because you’d really rather not find out that you’d mess it up and fail miserably?

Have you been so disappointed in the past that it’s just too risky to try again thank you very much?

So if you stay HERE, even though HERE holds you back, at least nothing major, scary or horrible can happen to you?

And yet… it kind of is isn’t it? Because the feeling inside of you when you don’t follow your dreams, your urges, what you so want, need to do… is… um… horrible.  And you deserve so much more.

I’d rather LIVE and fail, than hold back and fail – because if you hold back? You’re definitely failing anyway.

You got nothing to lose kid.
Just your frustration.
Oh and your tiredness.
And that dull life you’ve been putting up with.

Thou we’re not built for such a life.
You know that don’t you?  You were designed to live your best life, not your worst.
(Which is why it upsets you so much when you don’t.)

So fix your crown, stand tall and remember who you are.
Make the changes your soul is urging you to.
The worst that can happen?
Is that you’ll live again.

When I was in the final stages of birthing my book, and under a really tight deadline, I did 18 hour days for 3 weeks. Nearly killed me. I took a phone call from a best friend I’d had since school.  In my mind, I was a crazy bug eyed shell of a woman. (The mirror also told me that.) But as I talked with my friend she told me how she had shelved her book a year ago. She’d started writing it… but was she really good enough to do it?  Was it really going to work? And since then, you know, she’d been busy with work and the kids – so anyway,  the right time will come…

Who was really LIVING in that moment? The crazy ME with my hair sticking up on end – TALKING to the computer (very much expecting it to talk back) pacing up and down my office like a caged animal? YES. You see it was all in our voices.  I heard it.

Her voice = resigned, quiet. My voice = loud, clear, energised (with a little crazy thrown in.) But you see, crazy is what gets me there sometimes – because I’d have to be crazy to lunge for some of the ideas and things I want to achieve in my life.

And not all of them succeed. In fact I’ve had a LOT of failure in my life. And I’m not just saying that. You just don’t see it, because I don’t advertise it.

The road to my dreams has been bumpy – but while I’ve been on that road? I’ve been LIVING. My friend?  Built a nice house on that road and is watching all the traffic go by from her living room.

Which makes you feel more ALIVE? Watching it all go by – or actually living it?

As the beautiful author, Anaïs Nin wrote:

“And the time came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”

And it’s never been truer than today. My wish for you is that you do it anyway – kind of bloody minded with it – “To hell with it! I may as well! Because to stay HERE? I’m failing anyway” – and when you realise that?

The freedom to try is right by your side. It can open up for you. As a great man once said: “Quicker to fail, quicker to succeed.”

It’s not trying and failing you should be scared of – it’s not living at all.

Become the greatest expression of yourself.
You were born to.

If you’d like to comment on this post, i’d love to hear from you. How are you emerging from your cocoon?  Big or small, it matters not. Just that you do… x

My love to you,

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