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You Do Know

By March 8, 2017November 29th, 2018No Comments

You DO Know.

You do don’t you?  You do know the right way to go. You do know what to do.

As you heal yourself you heal your world and this world. So thank you.

Thank you for newfound respect you have for you and your time.

Thank you for no longer suffering fools and those who have no intention of adding to you or seeing your beautiful light.

Thank you for moving yourself to higher ground this year. It’s very you and it suits you.

Thank you for being brave enough to walk through those doors that are now opening for you.

Thank you for backing yourself.

For trusting your gut.
For taking a leap into the unknown.
For getting the support you need – and if you dare – MORE than you need.
Thank you.

Because as you’re healing yourself you’re healing this world.
Right now. As we speak, as I write, as you breathe this very moment.

Each time you stand up to a bully.
Each time you use your voice.
Each time you say YES to yourself.
Each time you choose to be kind to yourself.
Each time you decide to put yourself first and your future first.
You are profoundly inspiring to me.
Thank you.

As you rise, you give me permission to rise also.
As you rise today, hug yourself, smile and thank yourself.
Happy International Women’s Day beautiful woman.
You make me smile just thinking of the essence you’re going to spread out in your day today.
You’re just scrumptious.
You’re truly inspiring – you know that?
Thank you X

P.S. I’d love to hear about a big or little leap you’ve just taken in the comments below… how does it feel to say YES YES YES to you?


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