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Are you Lying to Yourself?

By February 28, 2017November 29th, 2018No Comments

Some relationships require you to be dishonest with yourself.

Because to maintain these relationships? You have to lie to yourself. You have to mute yourself. You have to be disloyal to yourself.

How much of yourself do you have to put aside to maintain a relationship with them?

The real you?

How much of your self-worth?

Is there much room for your self-respect in this relationship?  Or does that just lead to arguments? You respecting you?  Hmmm…

Because here’s the thing:  If you HAVE to be disloyal towards yourself to maintain a relationship with someone? You’re not in a real relationship.

So don’t kid yourself.

They’re not for you. Not at this time. Or maybe ever.

Because when you’re around them?  You lie and cheat on yourself.

And pretty soon that body and soul of yours?  Stops trusting you. 

The good news?  This thorn in your side is teaching you:

Loyalty.  To you FIRST. To your feelings; to that future of yours; to that gentle heart of yours.

They force you to look inwards and see yourself and hear yourself.

Maybe for the first time. Because you can’t go on like this.  Your health will suffer, your future will suffer and then nobody wins.

Most women (and some men) have been taught to look after others at the expense of themselves. This is OK a few times here and there, especially when looking after children or somebody ill, but on a regular hourly basis, year after year?

Um NO.

So whether you’re in one of those relationships right now, or whether you’ve been in one in the past, take today to really invest in YOU. To listen to your deepest wants and to give them to yourself.


You’re AMAZING and if they’ve taught you anything?

It’s to put yourself FIRST.

Yes there is room! If they are doing it, then there is room for beautiful you too.

How would today look if you put yourself first for a wedge of time?

I ran my Women’s Wellness Workshop this past weekend and we put ourselves FIRST for 2 whole delicious hours. We danced, we laughed, we cried, we got in touch with our defiantly deep desires and we’re all making big and lovely little changes this week!

Something happens to us women when we take that nurturing we give out so easily and turn it back in on ourselves.

We GLOW. We GROW. We GORGEOUSLY move on up in the world to that life that’s waiting for us… And it feels so GOOOOD!

So I’m going to ask you again – what would you like to give yourself today?

Inspire ME. Inspire YOU!

Even you smiling at this right now is you beginning to receive. And Goddess, you so deserve your own LOVE.

Enjoy the lesson that is showing up for you through this person! You’ll be much happier for it. Take it into 2017 and ROCK this year with you!

Remember – The Party Starts With You!


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