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I Don’t Want to be Tough Anymore

By February 20, 2017November 29th, 2018No Comments

“…I don’t want to be tough anymore. I’ve given it up. In my relationship with you I don’t want to pretend it doesn’t hurt when you didn’t call. When you didn’t show up on time. When you ignored my disappointment. I’ve given up being tough and I’ve given up being the one who always makes it better. I don’t want to be the one that fills in the spaces that you leave behind. I don’t want to be the one that thinks of you more than you think of me. And I don’t want to be on my own anymore. In this relationship.

I want softness in this with you. I want you to look at me and see the stars and the moon… I want you to love me completely when I crumble and I can’t get it together and I want you revel in my light and dance with me to expand it more than I ever thought possible. I want to feel safe with you. That you’ll love me when I’m old, that you’re thinking of me right now as I write this. I want you by my side laughing, fighting for me, looking at me and really seeing me.

Are you moved by me?

Because I no longer tolerate lesser versions of what I know is possible for me. I desire the kind of relationship that turns me ON, my heart ON and my soul ON.

I deserve all the stars in the sky when I’m with you. I want to be me. Celebrated. Loved. Adored. Cherished. My soul. All of me.”



If you missed it, Channel 9 invited me back to talk about relationships (see pic. above.) I was interviewed live by Sonia Kruger and David Campbell on the morning show and it was a lot of fun! You can watch it here.

An article for you x

I’ve written for Body + Soul again about relationships; what kills that gorgeousness between you two the most? It’s not what you think! And it’s super liberating to know, because you’ll feel so much better when you know that the ‘fix’ is going to WARM your soul and heart up! You can read it here.

A special invite for you:

Saturday 25 February 2017

The Women’s Wellness Workshop

  • Energise your body with cleansing Japanese Yoga + dance
  • Feed your spirit with Self-healing + Self-love
  • Leave feeling refreshed, revived and strong in mind, body + spirit

This workshop is for every woman who wants to make wellness her priority, and wants to walk away feeling fantastic.  Japanese Yoga is an energising yoga that is gentle on joints and the lower back. It’s perfect for beginners to the seasoned.

Join me on The Women’s Wellness Workshop, a safe space where you can be yourself and let yourself unfold, unwind and reclaim your energy.

Music. Madonna. Self-Care. Self-Love. Dancing. Laughter. Depth. Spirit. Safe space. Energise. Power. Lift Your Vibration. Real Healing. A Bit of Glitter. YOU Happy!

Join us on Saturday 25 February 2pm – 4pm at Happy Hot Yoga on the Central Coast, (1 hr 20 mins north of Sydney) – to book your spot please call Happy Hot Yoga on 0423 676 532

… Because “Your Happiness is Everything!”

I wish for you:

Trust in your feelings.

Awareness of who is good for you and who isn’t.

Bravery to walk away from those whose standards are lower than yours.

Belief in YOU.

Desire to be worshipped and loved by man.

There are so many amazing men out there. But you have to trust your deep longing within – are you brave enough to follow your desire?

Your Self-Respect Makes you all the more Delicious to those Men Who Want an Incredible Relationship with You.

My LOVE to you special one,

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