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Special Invite for Spirited Women

By January 18, 2017November 29th, 2018No Comments

So this was me on the telly last month! In case you missed it you can see my live interview here on Channel 9’s breakfast show with Sonia Kruger and David Campbell. Watch it here it was a lot of fun!

Soooo, here we are, NEW MONTH, NEW YEAR!

Did you know that last year was all about dropping the dead weight in our life so we could RISE UP?

Because we like to spread light and happiness into this world – and truly – (the world knew how loyal we were) so it had to make people and situations really hurtful to force us to let go of them.

And now we have? (Happy dance!)

We’re free to focus on our life’s purpose and what makes us HAPPY.

So as you walk forward now – what do you need to let go of, to approach the NEW fully in your power?  What behaviour, thought or belief is stopping you right now from fully taking control and going for it?

THIS is your starting point.  Release this and your power can come flooding back in.

Special Invite for Spirited Women…

I’m inviting you to turn your power ON fully this month! With me – LIVE! This Sunday 22 January 2-4pm Sydney.

I’ve created this workshop for you called Turn Your Power ON this Month and it’s for you to fully get going with all your power available to you!

Bring whatever you need to shift this month. Move it through your body with cleansing Japanese Yoga (I have taught for 20 years) then transform with deliciously powerful self-healing techniques.

This workshop is for every woman who wants to reach her potential this month and walk away feeling fantastic. Perfect for beginners and the seasoned.

It’s in Manly, Sydney. Join me here

With the advent of world changes – there’s never been a better time for this workshop. The power is shifting from the top to all of us. Are you ready to step into your power?

Book in here, together we’re going to make this your most powerful month yet

Music. Madonna. Self-Care. Self-Love. Dancing. Laughter. Depth. Spirit. Safety. Energise. Power. Lift Your Vibration. Real Healing. A Bit of Glitter. YOU Happy! 

When you’re in your power – what’s possible for you?

What’s possible for the world?


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