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Turn Your Power On

By November 10, 2016November 29th, 2018No Comments

Last night I couldn’t eat much. I was so, so shocked that Trump has become president! And I’m still in shock now, as I write this.  How are you feeling?  Are you still processing it like me?

I actually felt physically shaky; because this wasn’t a political debate. This was a showdown of basic human rights.  And the environment?  Ignored.

When I found out I closed my eyes and this came to me:

You’re being called upn to turn your power ON.  I mean really turn it ON.

“What does this mean?

It means to turn your grief ON. Cry, grieve and mostly? Talk. Talk to one another. Hear it, share it, feel it. This is the first step for us always.  When I pulled out of the carpark last night I asked the lady who took my money at the booth – how was she feeling about it?  “Awful,” she said. With the boom gate up and luckily no cars behind me, we spoke for 10 minutes.  In that moment of us talking I began to ground myself.  How long does this bit take? As long as you need.  The more you express today? The quicker you’ll leave this time behind. And that goes for any grief. Keep talking, keep letting your feelings out for as long as you need. Don’t let anyone tell you you’re being too sensitive. You’re feeling this on a much deeper scale than it’s ‘just the new president.’

Turn your healing ON. Once you’ve gotten over your shock (and your body will tell you when you’re ready – you’ll just know) you’re ready to turn the healing you need ON.  Trump is our collective shadow. And we’re going to use him to heal the shadow within. He has good traits (of course) but I have seen more of the shadow he’s cast over women, over different races, over the LGBT community, over handicapped people, over the environment and over the higher echelons of thought, grace, community, collaboration and light.  

Higher vibrations cannot be seen or heard by those who do not value them.

So, I’ve been doing this healing this morning; ask yourself, Which part of me does Trump represent?  The part of me that squashes my light?  The part of me that has no time for my gentle feminine needs?  The part of me that’s bullying my feelings into submission?   Start writing.  Where are you trumping your happiness?  So now you know where your shadow is, what healing can you give yourself at your deepest level?  For direct help with this go to the detox section of my book, Turn Yourself On, or listen to the accompayning audio, Turn Yourself On at Home.  Heal ourselves? We heal the world.

Turn your power ON.  The power is never in your boss or your president. Ram that lightening rod into the ground and turn on your power!  Turn on the power of self-love in your life. FULLY.  How kind have you been to yourself in the last hour?  Turn ON your self-care and turn the power of kindness ON in your life. Turn ON your feminine power – and see VALUE in it rather than minimising it, and diminishing it… like collaborating and asking for the help you need, rather than the doing the rest of your day on your own. See value in you and me coming together, that I am your sister and you are mine. That we are stronger in unity than we ever can be alone.  I know you’ve already been healing the planet so beautifully…

Let your feminine power rise… because when the power at the top threatens to snuff your light out? You become the new leader, the real leader of light that this world needs.  You are the new light leaders. Drive your light rods into the ground and POWER up. Whatever your life purpose is – DO IT NOW MORE THAN EVER. Hold your head up high and create more light than you ever have before in the world. It’s in your D.N.A. You were born to do this, at this time.

Turn your connection to a higher power ON & turn the volume UP.  No president no matter how good or bad is your leader.  Only the light is and when you connect to your higher power, you connect to the true power that lives inside of you and the true power that is outside of you.  So take your power back out of his hands and take it back from whomever you’re giving it to right now and re-connect to your higher power through prayer, meditation, yoga, swimming, dancing, making love, laughing… your real power is all around you and within you. Connect to that and your intuition will get very loud.  Listen to that and follow it.

If you want to turn your power ON, I’m signing my book Turn Yourself On at BookFACE bookshop this Saturday 12th November @1pm at Erina Fair Mall, come stop by and say hello!

If you want to begin releasing what’s stopping your power, I was interviewed live on 2GB radio by Michelle Bridges, Larry Edmur and Gerald Quigley, you can listen here:

And so with all of this that’s been going on, how have you been feeling?  And what power are you going to turn on in your life?  As a light leader, what fear are you going to leave behind, to just DO IT?  Because your time is NOW. And I’ve never been more confident about the power of people than now.  The one good thing about Trump?  Is that he’s mobilising the light from right under him.

Thank you sister for leading the way, that is your power. That is why you’re here now. Turn your power ON to heal this planet. You’ve been made perfectly to do it and in the package of a female? Glorious! Perfect timing! YES.

My love to you,

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