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The Art of Friendship

By October 19, 2016November 29th, 2018No Comments

Warm, funny, generous… you know how to be a really good friend don’t you?

So this is a BIG shoutout to you and all the amazing women I know, for knowing what it is to be a really scrumptious wonderful friend! I adore YOU and you get to stay in my life… and if you’re still in my life? It means you know what LOVE is.

If I’m no longer contacting you? It’s because you became very transparent this year – you showed me your real intent towards me these past few months which was to use me and “love” me only as much as I was benefitting you.

This is a year of endings – HURRAH! Click here to read all about it.

So, what is the art of friendship?

Is it becoming kinder and giving more?  For an empath like yourself?  No. BECAUSE THAT’S WHO YOU ARE. KIND AND GIVING. THAT’S WHO YOU’VE BEEN ALL ALONG.

… And you do it without even realising it.

Why is it so important to practice the art of friendship in your life? And NOW?  Because next year is the year of new beginnings. And you don’t want any more drains. Any more leaks as you power forward with your life’s purpose. It’s too important. You’re one of the new Light Leaders. And you want to surround yourself with friends who turn your light ON not off.

The art of friendship for an empath?

Is to Receive. Because you’re already GOOD at giving.

We’re talking about the art of receiving. Which might be scary for you. But will feel really really good. And right.

I’ll be guiding you to turn your receiving ON within yourself next Friday 28th October. (I’ve been invited to present at the Mind Body Spirit Festival in Sydney.)

It’s especially for empaths and we’re going to turn your receiving ability ON in real time together.

Plus I’ll be signing copies of my book, ‘Turn Yourself On,’ which I’ve written to turn your power ON and your ability to receive ON. Click here to get your tickets. 

Want your friendships to be different?

Two things – (this is your inner wisdom talking)

1. If you feel heavy and tired around her it’s because you’ve been tolerating the old stuff that doesn’t light you up anymore from her. Have you? Who have you called out of duty not love? What have you turned a blind eye to? What have you held your tongue on? What have you been too scared to say? Your FEAR of this NEW YOU? Will make YOU TIRED. Keep going like this? And you’ll drag yourself around next week and the next week and the next week.

2. Action = Energy. Each time you become Mrs Brave and take action by SAYING it, FINISHING with it, being HONEST about it OUT LOUD… Guess what you welcoming back? Your ENERGY. Become a ghost to people who don’t get it, say it to those who will, and turn your whole self towards who does turn your heart, love and warmth ON.

So, beautiful empath: Here’s how you tell if that friend? Is good for you

… The Art of Friendship.

  • They are genuinely interested in your life. Here’s how to tell:  They ask questions rather than responding with “Oh this happened to me too!…” which is an unfortunate approach that will always put a lid on how deep your friendship can go.
  • They know how to say sorry to you. They don’t minimise your feelings, they aren’t cruel or callous with you. They validate your feelings and are gentle with them.
  • They know how to say thank you. “Thank you for helping me with xxx ” They don’t take you for granted and they don’t see themselves as more important than you.
  • They clap when you win. And if they’ve gone silent instead? They are not in the habit of celebrating you.
  • They want to have FUN with you. So when you do go out?  You actually have fun. Rather than become their confidant. Again.
  • They know how to be your best friend when you’re down, upset, hurt and when you need standing up to. They’re not scared of you and will always hold you to your highest, even when you won’t.
  • They will also stand up to others talking smack about you. Nothing gets past her and she won’t stay mute if injustice towards you is in the air.
  • She will add to you not take away.
  • You look forward to seeing her! (Sounds obvious, but if you don’t… who are you to this person in your life?  A counsellor, coach, parent, substitute boyfriend?)
  • Her actions match her words = you can trust her.
  • She is proud of you. She respects your talents and doesn’t put you down. In fact, she wants everyone to know Amazing You.

The art of friendship is more than just how you see her.  It’s how she see’s you.  Can you tell her anything and she not judge you?  Are your feelings safe with her? Can you honestly say she wants the best for you and is very pleased for you when you get it?

**Empath Warning**

  • Not everybody has your set of standards. Save yourself the heartache and meet that person where they’re at. If they don’t care about you. Believe them. It will set you free.
  • Just because she wants to call you, asks you when she’ll see you next, does not mean she values you.
  • If she’s receiving what she needs from you, but you aren’t from her?  It isn’t a friendship.

The art of friendship?

Is knowing when you can tell her how you’ve been feeling. Because you know she’ll hear you = a richer deeper friendship.

And knowing when she can’t hear you.  When she can’t go beyond how it all affects her. Then, it’s more powerful to say nothing, enjoy the memories and gently walk away.

Some girlfriends are with us forever, because they’re really WITH US.

Others for a shorter time because they’re teaching us to be WITH US.

The takers have no place in the doors that are opening for you now. Bless them and walk through those new doors!

The art of friendship requires you to act on what you know to be true. If you become your own best friend?  You’ll never lose yourself in a friendship. Ever again.

There are so many amazing beautiful women out there who know what is is to be a real friend. I’d love to hear in the comments below how you’ve freed yourself this year from relationships that were one sided. Did you SAY it to them or did you just walk away? And who have you reconnected with? Who are you making friends with now?  The women who dance with you through thick and thin in the moonlight, starlight and sunlight? OO! I knew it!  I’m really HAPPY for you!

My love to you,

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