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The 9 Star Ending

By September 9, 2016November 30th, 20182 Comments

Endings and YOU: If you’re on track so far, this year would have seen you let go of a lot and end some friendships, that relationship, that job, that situation; that took from you, but didn’t give back, respect you or do right by you.

And now here you are in September, the 9th month of this ‘9’ year, and dare I say it, on the 9th day. (9.9.2016.)

Add 2016 together, and what number do you get? 2 + 0 + 1 + 6 = 9.  Add the day and month and year 9 + 9 + 2016 = 27. 2+ 7 = 9

9 is The Number of Completion, Endings.

So here you are; mostly having dusted off what isn’t you anymore (high five!) and you’ve gotten pretty good at it haven’t you? Outgrowing people and situations and dynamics. Your outside world is freer that’s for sure! But what of your inner world?

Are you free of that thing that’s been bugging you?

This 9 day, month and year is a very powerful day for what you need to let go of within yourself.

Because there’s something you’ve been wanting to let go of for ages isn’t there?

Something that’s held you back.  It’s probably been with you this whole cycle of the last 9 years. And today being the 9th day of the 9th month of the 9th year is THE day to finally let this pattern in you GO. Universal timing is telling you, it’s time.

You ready for your powerful 9 Star Ending today? (This takes just over 10 minutes. Grab some paper, you’ll be glad you did.)

The 9 Star Ending

1.  What do you do to yourself that hurts you on a daily basis? Is it with your Body. Mind. Spirit?

Here’s how to tell:  How do you hurt your body?  How do you hurt yourself with your thinking?  How do you dampen your spirit on a daily basis?

Say it out loud or write it out.  Get clear. Come up with one main one. This is your biggie isn’t it?  It might be the way you talk to yourself. It might be something you do to that beautiful body of yours. It might be the way you see the world that isn’t healthy for you anymore. Write it out in one sentence.

2.  What bores you? What are you bored of at the moment?  List it.

It might be parts of your day/job/business you don’t want to do anymore. So? Change it. Permission granted! This boredom list will become your big FAT change list.  What change would you have instead?  If you don’t know, write, “I DESIRE to know by the end of this month.” And you will.

3.  Are you ready to end this?  Are you willing to finish doing this to yourself this year? So you don’t bring it into next year? Shout it out to me please!

Because this is the year, month and day for being DONE.

4. Explain to yourself why you will no longer tolerate this. Out loud. Angry Dance!

It NO longer serves this woman YOU have become. So this is where you let your anger out.  Put on a dance track that feels angry and dance ANGRY, ROAR it out, shout it out, get your anger OUT. You will feel your POWER rush back in.

5. Close your eyes and hear your wisdom, thoughts and any intuition you need to hear around this.

Let yourself go quiet for a few minutes and don’t worry if you don’t get anything. Just the act of getting quiet is enough to begin the process.  Write whatever your heart tells you to.

6. Please STAND up and SAY it. To YOU and no-one else.

Say what you’re no longer going to put up with, within yourself.  Then STAMP your foot on the ground! You are DONE! (Don’t be scared at this point. It’s SAFE for you to let go. Know the new will rush in, but it probably won’t be in the next couple of minutes OK?  First you gotta let go… and it’s OK you’ve done this before and it always works for you – remember? Otherwise the Universe steps in… and we all know what happens then!)

7. Discipline. You have to stay disciplined. What needs to happen for you to stay disciplined?  

Put it into place now. Remember TODAY is the day.

You’re ONE decision from this FREEDOM you deserve.   Keep this decision, or find a way, or a person to, you’re DONE.

8. BOOK something ahead of time that you are excited to do!

It must be something that normally you would shy away from, but now you’ve let this thing go?  You’re ready to SHINE! Book it today so there’s no turning back.

9. Go outside, place your feet directly on the earth to earth yourself, pick a flower and put it in your hair.  

If you don’t have an ‘outside,’ go to the basin, wash your hands and spritz some perfume around you. Go to the mirror and smile.  SAY out LOUD. “I don’t deserve to do this to myself any longer.  If I keep tolerating it?  I’ll keep living it.  I am a Goddess and I choose to have a D.I.V.I.N.E relationship with myself.”

You’ve outgrown a lot this year. People, attitudes, things, and now, your old habit.

And if you’re a grumpy pants today?   CELEBRATE that you’re angry, over it, bored, irritated – this is GOOD!

Follow it and you’re free to create a life that turns you ON.  Next year is a “1” year – a year of new beginnings! And you know what I say?

New Beginnings Suit You!

They always do.

But to have a new beginning?

You gotta be brave enough to let go of the old.

You ready?

Can I get a hallelujah?

My love to you

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