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How do you Stay Up When Somebody’s Down?

By August 15, 2016November 30th, 2018No Comments

How do you stay up when somebody’s down? How do you stay in a good mood when they’re so LOW? Is it possible?  Is it the right thing to do even?

I know you feel for them. Because you love them or work with them or look after them.

Either way it can be hard can’t it? How do you stay up when somebody’s down? To sit their all glowing and sparkly and happy with where your life’s going… when there they are; a gigantic mass of hurt right next to you.

And then you feel yourself dropping. Just a bit at first. And then you suddenly can’t get back up. Where has your happy gone?


And you work hard for your happy. I know you do and I know you’re doing a lot for yourself. So:

Here’s your guide for how to stay up when somebody’s down today. Because a sensitive soul like you? Needs to take really really good care of herself.

  1. Know that on some level they are choosing “this” to turn some beautiful part of themselves ON.  Maybe it’s their confidence. Maybe it’s their bravery. Maybe it’s their humility. Whatever it is, it lets you off the hook from feeling bad for them and dropping down to where they are. Because this could be their greatest healing opportunity to date.  How you see their ‘hurt’ has the power to lift you up or topple you. How are you seeing it now?  Even if they or you don’t know why it’s happening just yet…know that they will come out of this twice the woman they are with the right support.  Don’t mind the crying, the angst, the tantrums, the bad energy even. This is the first stage of healing.  And perfectly normal. If they support themselves they’ll move up and out of this. If they don’t? They’ll stay here. It’s up to them. It’s their choice. And that’s why we don’t want to rely on them for your good mood.
  2. If it gets you down, you gotta HEAL IT. Yes babycakes. The only time they will get you down?  Is if you haven’t healed the energy they are showing you within yourself!  Otherwise it would have NO affect on you whatsoever. None, Noonity NONE. (Small tap-dance.) So, ask yourself:  Where am I doing that to myself or another? And let yourself look around your life to see where the mirror is. Be brave. Where is the war inside you?  Where are you slowing down your own trajectory in life?  In which part of your life are YOU a Debbie Downer?  Focus on that. (Told you you’d need to be brave.) Take your attention off them. And HEAL what’s really bringing you down.  Then?  Their mood, their energy cannot affect you anymore and you can be with it. It will have no power over you anymore. You’ll keep your sparkle. Hugely. Let me explain;  If you can be with your own crying? You can be with mine.  See? And so on.  And then? They dynamic between you two will change completely. (My book Turn Yourself On will take you easily through this as it’s too much to write down here.)
  3. Then you’re going to LUNGE for pleasure. You gotta jump OUT of the vibration that you were in (theirs) and back into yours! By doing something that tickles you. That lifts you. What turns you ON?  Might be a game of tennis darling. Might be a walk in the moonlight tonight. A hilarious video on youtube, a handstand against the wall, singing, dancing, walking outside, meditating, yoga, chocolate, sex with the lights on – really it matters not. It just matters that do it.  And here’s the thing. From where you sit right now?  It will feel like you can’t be arsed. It will feel counter intuitive. Do it anyway and you’ll be glad. Then you can’t resent that person see? Because you’re back on track baby! You’re in your highest vibration again!

Ya DID it!

You’ve just got your sparkle BACK.  And if it happens again?  Open my book or begin here with this mini-guide so you don’t go down the next time they go down. You Go Up.

(It’s where you belong.)

I LOVE your sparkle, I love your energy. Thank you for taking fabulous care of it and for using their bad mood to focus on a part of your life that needs healing.

Your light is beautiful.


Your light is in direct proportion to how much you heal this.  And just like that other person?  How much you heal? Is up to you. X

Glitter up buttercup!


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