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You are Part of the Solution

By July 28, 2016November 30th, 2018No Comments

It’s no coincidence you’re on this planet at this time with your energy and your life’s purpose.

Because YOU are part of the solution. The solution for this world.

When I hear about the latest tragedy I feel so very sad and then I feel angry. How DARE the perpetrators fill my mind. Take up valuable time and space in my head? In my heart? Because when I’m thinking about them – my power and my effervescent spirit dulls right down. I mean, YUK. Can’t believe it – can you?  And then what am I supposed to do with my day? Pretend it isn’t happening? Hold myself back and sit very still so I end up withdrawing from life?  Read another Facebook post where someone says their heart is breaking? Have a sense of foreboding when I go out now?

FUCK that.

So WHAT do we do? You and me?

I mean how do we approach this thing?  So we really LIVE?

It’s all in our approach.

So here is your Marina J’s Be The Solution Guide.  Because YOU are part of the solution.

Grab a cup of tea and read this now, then I invite you to follow it every time you read or hear something. You will get stronger each time – you deserve it. xx


  1. Feel it. Grieve it. When something happens in the world and it effects you – cry it out, shout it out, let it out.  If you don’t let it out it stays in your body and will become a heavy weight. That is not your weight darling so get it out.
  2. BE The Solution in your waking life.

How? With MLLS.  I’ve shortened it so you can remember this:

  1. Mirror. Use the world as your mirror. Describe what has just happened in one sentence. Then ask yourself – where am I doing this to myself or another? E.g. People have been killed. “Where am I killing my dreams?” They bombed people.  “Where are you regularly bombing your body with foods that hurt you?”  They attack the innocent.  “Where are you attacking your light right now? With the way you think about yourself? With how much goodness you give to yourself” They don’t care about human beings – they’re just barbaric.  “Where are you not taking care of your loved ones, treating them as if they don’t matter?  In which part of your life are you treating yourself as if you don’t matter?  Where are you callous with their heart, justifying it with some crap you tell yourself is alright?”  Do you see?  YOU are part of the solution. The world is always showing you the next part of your healing.  Heal the war in your life. The part of you that you’ve been at war with – that voice – you know the one – the one that tells you, “You can’t do it. You’ll never do it. You’re too stupid and old to do it.”  And the war that is between you and another.  Either send them love and walk away, or heal it. Don’t sit with it day after day. That does not heal the world and it does not heal you.  Do you see?  The world is a reflection of us.  We are getting lighter and higher vibrating and, at the same time, it highlights the dark within us.  If you want to go further with this read my book ‘Turn Yourself On.’  It’s what I’ve been doing with my clients for over a decade and when you use the outside world to heal you?  EVERYBODY WINS.
  2. Light Leader. You are the NEW leaders of this world. You’re a trail blazer and you know it. You’re glittery gorgeous! NOW is the time to put everything you’ve read about into practice. Keep your vibration high. The old is breaking down and the new is coming in. You are ready to lead. Please educate those around you in real self-respect, real love, real support, and real happiness.   But don’t be afraid to speak up when you see injustice or feeling it bubbling up in you. Your LIGHT, your LOVE, your WISDOM showers LIGHT into your home, your business, your social media and newsletters, your office, the pavement, the mall, the corridor, the bus, train, car, taxi, ship, playing field, school, road, mountain, gym, yoga studio, stage, building, place of worship, swimming pool, sea BRILLIANT WOMAN;  Thank you for SHINING bright and thank you for being brave to be the LIGHT.  Because when you lead like this? EVERYBODY WINS.
  3. Life’s Purpose. Big or small. Insignificant in your eyes or huge.  Whether you know what it is or not – DO YOUR LIFE’S PURPOSE NOW. No more waiting, no more playing small – did I mention the world needs you?! Haha! But! There’s never been a better time to get moving! It’s not a coincidence that you’re here now at life’s purpose age.  Whether your life’s purpose is to help animals, the environment, people, do a little craft workshop at the weekends – or you haven’t a bloody clue – it doesn’t matter. Because I know how kind you are. I know how thoughtful you are. I know how caring and furious you get when you see the injustices of this world and I know you are part of the solution. Every time somebody does their life’s purpose it energises and re-aligns them and the planet. Thank you for your part in this. You are important. Please please engage in it now. Even just thinking about it lifts the planet up!  Maybe your life’s purpose right now whilst you don’t know is to be kind to everyone you meet? You’re pretty special you know that? Please trust what you have inside of you and share it with the world or with a small smattering of people. Remember size doesn’t matter!! Thank you for doing it. EVERYBODY WINS when you do.
  4. SPIRIT. I think one of the worst things that can happen to a woman is that you lose your hope. Because of what’s going on out there in the world, because it all seems so futile. But let me tell you something. I lived in London during the IRA bombings; there wasn’t a week that went by when something didn’t happen. My grandparents chose to stay and live in London during the 2nd world war and thrived. In spite of it. Your grandparents and parents have seen so much more than we have.  And what did they do? They got on with it. Not because they didn’t know any better but because they DID. They KNEW that they had to be shining examples of humanity. Kindness, support, love. But most of all? They had to have SPIRIT. Huge bucket loads of it. And you know what? It worked. Your spirit is huge and you know it. Feed it with a high vibration. Feed it so you are that Phoenix that rises out of the ashes. Out of the debris, world disappointment and your fear of it all. How you view the world and what is happening has the power to topple you or completely empower you. The world is never run by idiots. It’s run by you. Walk TALL. Inspire yourself. SHINE the light of real love, real happiness and the real effect of a high vibration. DO IT. Don’t drop down to their energy, come back into your own, your strong spirit is infectious! You may cry and feel down at times (normal and needed) but always always always come back to your beautiful spirit. It’s what you were born to do. History proves that the idiots implode and the world continues turning. How much love and happiness and spirit is in the world, is up to you.

So Gorgeous Glittery Woman…

Stride forward, put that flower in your hair (especially if you are a guy:) and SMILE big. LIVE!

Don’t SHRINK your femininity…because where there is the feminine, love, unity and happiness there cannot be war.  Your feminine energy is more important than you think. Feed it and make room for it to grow within you. Wear that floaty dress and sashay down the street, leaving a trail of glitter behind you…

See the world as being filled with a LIGHT GRID full of Light Leaders like YOU showering the world with LIGHT each and every second!

There’s always been something going on in the world hasn’t there?

So don’t wait for things to be better. LIVE your life with spirit. And you’ll be your own LEGEND.

And nobody can take that away from you. Or the world who is thanking you and cheering you all the way!

You’re more spectacular than you could ever know.

Thank you for lighting up the world with your strong unyielding spirit. Thank you for showing me how to be. It’s in the way you walk, it’s in the way you talk and it’s how you hold yourself. Let your spirit soar today. Your parents and grandparents would be proud.

Make your world good. Otherwise those that seek to destroy good have already won. How do they lose?

By you being kind to everyone you meet
By you being kind to yourself
By you doing your fitness today, looking after yourself, eating beautiful food, meditating… whatever you love to do, to give you that light happy feeling. Make your world good.

Yes there must be room for light, there must be room for happy. It’s not frivolous. It’s called LIFE.

Do not give up your lighthearted optimistic approach to life. Even in the middle of wars we women drew lines down the back of our legs for stockings!

Do not give up your good life, good thoughts and happiness ever. Otherwise they’ll always win, whether it happened in your city or not.

This takes discipline. It doesn’t mean we can’t fight or feel hugely angry. We ARE! But it does mean we feed our spirit with the nourishment it needs to really LIVE this lifetime.

And that my darling is YOU. Put a flower in your hair. And MLLS it. Mirror it. Lead with the Light. Life’s Purpose. SPIRIT. YOU are part of the solution. Thank you!

My LOVE to  you,

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