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I Know You’re Scared

By May 25, 2016November 30th, 20184 Comments

I know you’re scared. I am too. It’s like all that stuff you had to do is almost out of the way and you’re getting closer to it aren’t you? Closer to that leap into the unknown.


I mean I don’t even know why I’m scared – do you?

But I know I must be because I’d be there already if I wasn’t.

And you’d be there already if you weren’t.

And all the while this dullness permeates me because I’m not doing IT. And so I’m not fully alive. Shining. God, I know that feeling I’ve been there before …

Actually admitting to yourself that you’re actually scared is more important to your growth than you realise. Because then you can do something about it.

Ready to nix this fear quick?

Is this you?

5 Signs that fear is leading you away from your dreams/decision/next step:

  1. You Procrastinate like a Pro. You’re so good at it you don’t even realise you’re doing IT. You’re doing it NOW and you don’t even realise it!  How are you doing it? What’s your favourite go-to? Write it down.
  2. You’re a Distraction Diva. In fact you’ve made it into an art form. You’ve attracted drama to you of late. ‘Sabotagie’ type stuff. Health, nasty people doing nasty things…you’re actually pretty creative if you’re honest! And bloody hell it works…because it’s taking up a lot of your time this distraction thing, it’s one excuse after the other; I mean what have you got on this afternoon?? The weekend, tomorrow….see what I mean? It’s endless…
  3. You’re “Playing at it” i.e. you look like you’re doing it, but you’re not really…(only you know.)  What would constitute really doing IT? Write it.
  4. You’re overcomplicating it. Instead of just starting at step one, you’re making it this whole big thing. It isn’t. It’s just a number of steps. Break it down into small actionable steps. I know you’ve heard this before blahdy blah…but until you step up to that first step? You’re going no-where.  YouHaven’tStarted.Com is all you’re starting.
  5. You have a scenario in your head that is telling you not to start.  Which scenario?  Pick:
  • They’ll see me as not good enough.
  • I’m not ready.
  • They’ll laugh at me.
  • It’s probably not going to work, just like before.
  • It’s too big for me, it’s too huge…I need time…
  • Who am I to step up and do this? There are so many others doing it so much better than me.
  • I don’t have enough support/the right idea/enough resources, time, money, charisma, talent, know-how. I don’t know enough.

Babe. Stop. Ask yourself: Is the scenario I’m playing in my head right now empowering me? Or disempowering me? Be honest.

When I’m honest I can only make the right decision for myself.

OK so I’m really glad you’re being honest with you, because you deserve it you know? You deserve you to listen to you. Love you. Be honest with you. Good. You did it.

So what now?

Visualise your dream – take out the how you get there – just for the next 10 seconds, see what it is you want.

Do you see?

You have to take your rightful place.

There is your rightful place.


Right here. Right here with what you saw.

Do you see that it’s where you belong? Do you see that it’s way more gorgeous than where you are?  Because it’s your rightful place. Here. What you saw.

It’s not where you are right now. Right now all that’s occurring is that you’re keeping yourself ‘safe.’  Um Safe from what?

Safe from where you truly belong?

Safe from being utterly ALIVE?

Safe from ever feeling really really great?

How could you flow effortlessly towards your dreams?

By making friends with your fear.  Use it to become hyper-vigilante to protect yourself along the way (more help in my book Turn Yourself On) and…What if you told yourself that with the next step you’ve been too scared to take? Is ALWAYS taking you one step closer to where you truly belong? Successful or not. Great or not. Always, always. Every single step is always taking you one step closer to feeling more peace in your soul, because something deep inside you comes ALIVE when you begin to do what you know deep down you should/want/are yearning to do.  You know it and I know it.

So Bella, this new scenario you’re playing in your head right now? That tells you to do it anyway because you’ll be one step closer… Is this empowering or disempowering to you?  And will it mean you’re more likely to enjoy the journey along the way?

Hell YEAH!

And are you worth it?

Oh My God Yes You’re Worth It!  You’re worth this approach – ALL OF IT.

So Goddess…how about you play that new scenario in your head? That with each thing you do, STARTING TODAY, you’re one step closer to the GOOD FEELING. Oh yes I forgot to mention that – we’re starting today. How on earth else did you want to start? Tomorrow? Nah…that’s just the old scenario’s playing out sister.

Share it if you dare in the comments below. What’s that step for you? Are you worth it?  I can’t hear you! I SAID ARE YOU WORTH IT?



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