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Darling are you Ready to Pass this Test?

By April 4, 2016December 1st, 2018No Comments

Does it feel like you’re really being tested right now? Like you’re in final test week?

Everything you’ve learned over these past few years about life – are you going to use it for ‘this?’  This stuff that’s really bloody draining on you? This stuff that’s been so horrible, so disgusting, so damn yuk? 

It’s the final test you see before you go up to your next vibration.

And ‘who’ is testing you?

A = The ‘new ones’ who have just entered into the lowest run of this vibration you’re in.

They’re giving you the final test you need to get out. To get out of this vibration and go up aren’t they?  Because they’ve kind of shocked you with their behaviour. And it’s not OK with you.

Wanna pass this test you’ve been given?  Here’s how:

1.   ‘ They’ have been slinging at you one test after another and you’re exhausted and you’re not fully out yet are you?  You’re almost at the end but still there’s a bit to go and it still feels big.  From people who have treated you disgustingly, shockingly, horribly, to situations that feel unmovable, consuming you, this past month has been one of extreme situations for many.  Like, “Who are these people and why are they doing this to me?”  “That’s a disgusting way to treat me; I don’t deserve this treatment.” “I can’t keep going with this situation, it’s too damn hurtful.”

Know this for what this is: Your final test to get out of this vibration.

2.    Once you’re aware this is your final test you gotta remind yourself to not drop down to their vibration. To the way ‘they’ve’ treated you. To the vibration of the ‘general situation.’ Remember to do that is to drop to beginning of this vibration and you are actually at the opposite end, which is why this feels so foreign to you! This isn’t YOU anymore. The old you would have tried to please that person, that situation, do right by that person, say ‘yes’ and ‘sorry’ lots.  The old you would have compromised and played in the sandpit with them agreeing with their judgment of you. Agreeing with their story of you. And so?  Your irritation, depression, FIRE and the amount this has affected you?  Means you are no longer a fit for them and this vibration. Good. Instead:

3.    Use this as a springboard to your next vibration. Don’t drop down to it – but jump up and off it instead – USE IT. And smile as you do because this is exactly why it’s come to you, because you’re ready to! (It’s such a good sign that it’s here.)  But how? By using what you’ve learned in these past few years to pass the test…and we know you’re not fully doing this because you’d be out already, so…

Ask yourself: What have I NOT been using to heal/clear/finish with this situation?  Is it:

A) My MAGIC.  Sometimes when you can’t do anymore on a practical, physical level it’s your sign to get back into praying, meditating, clearing your fear, seeing a fantastic person to heal your body / mind / soul / this situation.  It always works.  There’s no shame in saying you need help again.  Life has moved on and you need help with it. What magic or magical person in the past have you used to get yourself out of a difficult situation?  What works for you?  Go do it and then do it a lot.

B) My GUT. Shut out all the noise. What he says, what she says, what they’re saying. NO.  What is your gut telling you?  Shut out all the noise until you can hear it.

C) The LAW. Sometimes there is no other way. Much as you’ve read in those self-help books that going that route never works, I’m here to tell you that it does.  I’ve coached a number of clients that have needed to go that route and they’ve won every single time.  What have they won?  Their children back. Their freedom back. Their money back.  You need that lawyer, the police, somebody in charge for support.  Use them if your gut tells you to.  Remember you want out of this vibration?  If you’ve been doing everything else but avoiding this, look into it.  It might surprise you.

So ask yourself, what have I NOT been using to heal/clear/finish with this situation?

Know this:  Tests in the universe tend to get louder till you use the very thing you are meant to. Because you gotta pass right?  So this means introducing something new over the next few days.  Your magic, your intuition, a new person to help you. After a few days the way forward will be clear.

And then what?  Well, it may have completely resolved itself, just suddenly.  Strong internal healing is like that.  Or, it might mean speaking up for yourself.  It might mean walking away. It might mean asking for more support. It might mean deciding to do things differently from now on because you are important.  Making that call, or not making that call. You’ll know the next step because you always do.

A couple of Powerful FYI’s…

Just know that the minute you drop down to ‘their vibration’ you’ve lost yours and you’ve also lost your power.

And this ‘whole’ situation is ‘happening’ because in some way, shape or form you’ve pulled it towards you for your final test.  And how do you know when you’ve passed it?

‘It’ won’t bother you anymore,  ‘they’ won’t bother you anymore. There will be space around the situation and it won’t bring you down anymore. Because you’re in the flow. You’re in your power. You know what to do, you’re doing it and you’re getting traction every single day.

Imagine it in your mind clearly; the end result.  See it. Yes if you can see it then energetically it’s a possibility for you.

Even if you can’t see how, just know that’s it’s on the cards for you.

The pass card that is.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this – what is this situation turning on in you?  What is it teaching you to do for yourself?

That you haven’t been able to up until now because you’ve been a bit too scared to?

Hmmm…can you hear that?  You’ve just heard your next step. If you’re brave enough you’ll post it below to inspire another that she’s not alone. That you too are in it but you’re going to pass this test with flying colours!  Because you’ve got it in YOU to!

You’ll be walking into your new vibration before you know it – and if you feel scared just at the thought of the new?  That’s what you start with, so that you DO past this test.

Because this new vibration?  Is very you.

It’s a beautiful fit for you and the people in it are a beautiful fit for you too.  

Darling are you Ready to Pass this Test?

Of course You Are!


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