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Is it time to Reinvent Yourself?

By March 16, 2016December 1st, 2018One Comment

Is it time to reinvent yourself? Is it time to reinvent your life? The way you run it, do it, live in it?

Does it feel like it’s time to do things differently?  In a different way that fits you? So you say goodbye to the old way of being, the old way of doing, and begin a new reality for yourself?

…One that fits you so much better than before?  One that’s kind to you? Good to you?  Matches your new vibration, newfound self respect, new needs?

What are you needing?

  • Real family time, more togetherness, a warm rich circle of friends that enrich you?
  • To stop doing the things that bring your vibration down?
  • To discover who you really are through more being, less doing?
  • To leave that job, relationship, town, situation, way of being that is so detrimental to beautiful you?
  • To make some real decisions that are big, and yes, scary but ultimately are going to free you to live your best life?

Can you imagine it? 6 months from now – you’re in your new reality. You’ve done it. You’ve reinvented your life and yes YOU. You’re living a life that finally fits you. It feels right. You’re in the right place.  What would that do for you?  Close your eyes for a moment and just let yourself go there..

Goddess if you could see it, imagine it, feel it – if only for a fleeting moment then it’s possible for you isn’t it?  And if you let yourself really go there? HUZZAH! 

Because deep down – you do know this is the life that fits YOU. You do know it could be yours…

If you’re getting the inklings of a new way of being for yourself but don’t know how to get there yet, don’t even know if it would be the right decision for you then let’s shine a light on this – the hard bit – just for a moment…

Did you know that if you’re getting these messages that it’s time to do your life differently; it means you’re at the end of a cycle?

Here’s how to know if this is you:
  • You’re over “it.” Done with it. “It” no longer makes you feel good.
  • You roll your eyes just by thinking about “it” him, her, that situation.
  • Your heart sinks when you think about “it.”   You feel suddenly tired. You feel flat.  This is how your body lets you know something isn’t right for you anymore. Just incase you weren’t trusting the thoughts you’ve been having about it – your clever body is also telling you – shouting at you actually that it feels the same way too. Your body is your physical sign that something isn’t right for you.
  • “It” is grating on you. Rubs you up the wrong way. Makes you furrow your brow. Makes you anxious, feel overwhelmed just at the thought, makes you angry, irritable, unhappy.

Baby if it doesn’t make you happy?  It’s not for you.

Breathe that in.

Reinvention: Scary. Exhilarating. IT’S TIME.

As a gorgeous human being (that’s you) you’ll notice that you’ve reinvented yourself many fabulous times before.  Maybe you’ve been pushed by the universe to do it or maybe you’ve done it yourself.  This is one of those times.  If you’re having inklings don’t wait till the universe pushes you – take the sign now and begin.  How do you begin?

By being brave enough to look inside yourself and then look around your life.  Sit for a moment and get real with yourself.

Ask yourself: What am I done with? And honestly write it all out.

It will free you.

Light that fire underneath you.

It will give you the determination and clarity and energy you’ve been yearning for.

And once you begin? Honeybuns you’re already beginning to reinvent yourself.  Hugely, beautifully, just the way you want to.

Because it takes a brave woman to reinvent her life so it fits her now.  Her vibration now. Her wants now. Her needs now.

Imagine in 6 months how thankful you’ll be that you did it. You deserve it. You’ve reinvented yourself before. This time is no different, and if you’re reading this? Honey…you’re ready. There’s more in my book ‘Turn Yourself On’ so you get real support.  MWA! X

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One Comment

  • Kate says:

    Yes! This is SO true and what divine timing! Your book is helping me to make the big changes I need to make so THANK YOU xxx

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