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My book is being published!

By September 9, 2015December 1st, 2018No Comments

Well hello! I’m sitting on the stairs and I have news!

My new book is going to be published in early 2016 – I’m sooo excited! I’m being published by an American publisher and this next bit is me very excitedly talking to you about it!

This book is for YOU.  I’ve written it for you to help you know what to do when you’re upset with everything and you’ve had enough…and when you want to feel bloody fabulous and have the BEST time of it!

And I hope its YOU that wins that prize! I’m so grateful and happy that my book is being published soon – it has a worldwide release and I’ll be able to let you know more as we get closer to launch date.  I’ve held this news in for so long – I thought I was going to burst!

Whatever you’re up to in your life today remember:

  • You need hugs – tons of them.
  • You need people who believe in you, by your side.
  • Those that are careless with your heart – care less about them.
  • Bring laughter in your day today – if you haven’t guffawed hugely yet…you know you want to!
  • You’re only as good as how you’ve been treating yourself this past week. Sleep. Move that body. Connect to the divine within you and connect to the divine up there. Yes you are not on your own, even if you feel that you are. You are never alone. Connect to them up there – they’re waiting to send you peace and love. Can you handle that? Yes I thought so.
  • There is quite simply no-one like you on the planet. When I see you I get excited because you are so very beautiful in spirit, talent and your soul just takes my breath away. Please OWN it.
  • Drop the crap. Like NOW. All of it. Self-doubt, the self-loathing. It never suited you anyway.
  • Call up a girlfriend today and tell her how brilliant she is.  When you choose to see the brilliance in her, yours’ gets ignited also. Can you see how amazing she is?  Seeing the goodness in people is good for you. Do more of it this week.
  • Send a prayer to those in need. Call up someone who is lonely. Post a $20 gift to someone. It will mean so much.  Your heart opens.  Their heart opens. The world becomes beautiful again.
  • You’re a Goddess – DANCE today. At your desk. In your head. At the bus stop. Just for you. Dance. It’s sacred and you re-align to your power every time you do.

You are beautiful inside and out. Whatever you’re up to in your life today I’m sending you love, joy, sparkles and belief in you. Allow yourself to receive what you need today to come back into delicious alignment. Hugs, love, dropping the crap. I wish for you the BEST day!

My love to you and thank you for sharing in my good news!

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