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1 Minute Ritual

By August 26, 2015December 2nd, 20182 Comments

Self-love. There’s nothing quite like it. But we resist it so. We roll our eyes at the word. Thinking we have time for it later. But not now. Something that could so profoundly change my life and I find myself resisting it too!

That’s why we began the Cinderella Competition last month – 30 days of investing in ourselves, more than we normally would because SELFISH is the BEST thing about us when we’re so bad at self-love!

We pledged to invest in our businesses, our happiness and our health. We shared, we got inspired, we loved ourselves more. We probably slipped up too along the way but we didn’t share that, we just shared what we did about it.  At the end of the 30 days we did our best to take ourselves from Cinderella to Queen.

It took practice, grit and a determination to go against the usual voices. Some of you began with gusto and drifted off, some of you stayed the course and glittered up my Facebook Page with revelations about your self-love and what that looked like.

You really, really inspired me.

And one of you in particular stood out for your tenacity and commitment to your self-love. You never missed a post. You always answered big and detailed. You took great delight in writing to inspire us – and that self-love Queen is da da daaaaaaaaaa….

Amy-Leigh Fitzpatrick-Cope  

CONGRATULATIONS!  You shared the most about your self-love and in doing so you WIN $222 worth of goodies
– a personalised eating plan from Hannah, naturopath at Natural Health Forever,  3 tiny Natural Perfumes, Meditation Balm, Chamomile + Calendula Shea Butter Remedy, Energetic Space Clearing Spray all from Sage and Mage and the Become Your Own Best Friend Home Healing Program by me!  

I’m so excited for you and these will be winging their way to you this week!

Plus! I couldn’t ignore another Self-Love Queen who almost won – and so there is runner up:

Tracey Sharples

– You will be receiving my Become Your Own Best Friend Home Healing Program too!

CONGRATULATIONS! I am loving your self-love!

I’d like to share this with you:

My 1 minute ritual for you to do anytime today…

  • I HUG myself
  • I forgive myself for what I couldn’t do
  • I CHEER myself for what I did do – WOO!
  • I breathe in
  • I’m sorry body, mind, soul for hurting you knowingly or unknowingly
  • I am ready for this next moment with open arms…
  • …Because I trust myself to love myself through it
  • To treat myself gently
  • I begin now…

Your self-love is in the little things like this.

It can just take a second to smile at yourself in the mirror. It can just take 5 minutes to step into a hot steamy shower and wash the day off.

Your power to make yourself feel better is in this second now.
Baby steps maketh the big steps.

What little gem can you give yourself this instant? Is it a smile to yourself? A thought to yourself?

You really are very beautiful and to give back to yourself in this very moment gives you back your warm beautiful glow…

Until then be gentle on yourself, listen to yourself and trust yourself. You really do know the right way forward…always.


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  • Suzy says:

    Well done winners and runner up! I really enjoyed reading your inspiring posts on Facebook. My self love ritual today is ordering a beautiful new wooden unit for my lounge to store clutter in and CDs so that my lounge is clearer and more spacious. I love thinking of different self love rituals to do every day and thank you Marina for all your encouragement and inspiration. It’s been invaluable and I’ll continue the daily rituals from now on! Xx

  • marinaj says:

    Hi Suzy, oh you’re welcome, this whole thing really inspired me too! Thank you for your well wishes for our winners and have fun with your new spacious lounge – it will feel like a different room! Love that you’re going to continue with daily rituals too xxx

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