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How do you keep your energy when what you want…isn’t here yet?

By April 8, 2015December 3rd, 20186 Comments

How do you keep your energy up when what you want?

Isn’t here yet.

That thing you’ve been dreaming about, wanting, yearning for…

That thing you know is just so right for you!

That you already know you’re worthy of

That you already know you’d be GREAT at

Just isn’t here yet!

So you have good days when you cannot wait and you’re EXCITED and you’re lit up like the brightest light…OOO! And you just KNOW this things going to happen for you!  And it’s going to be so good!  And then you have the bad days when it just hasn’t happened yet and frankly you’re wondering if it ever bloody will?

I mean, maybe it’s never come for you – not yet and you’re waiting – how long should you wait, years?  And what do you do in the meantime?

Darn socks? Have a lobotomy? Give up? It’s easier than being disappointed…

This article is for you if you’re in that sticky bit right now and you’re finding yourself up up up and then you slide down down down…more than you care to admit.

If you were my coaching client we’d go straight into it together and clear it specifically to you but obviously I can’t share that with you here so here is my anti yo-yo guide whilst you’re on the way to your dreams!

The Anti Yo-Yo Guide for Brilliant Gorgeous People like Yourself:

For the whole rest of your life you’ll always find yourself in either one of these 3 stages of desire for whatever it is that you’re wanting:

1. You’ve just desired what you want. This is the energised bit.

2. It hasn’t come yet. This is the waiting bit.

3. You got it. The celebrate bit.

Which stage are you in right now?  Shout it out! Me?  I’m in stage 2 at the mo – it hasn’t come yet. What hasn’t come yet?  My newest book published! But that’s ok because I do what I’m about to outline here – it’s the only way to live fabulously darling in this in between stage and you so deserve to!

And although I’m at stage 2, I’m also at stage 1 and stage 3 for other things – like I’m at stage 3 in the area of relationships but stage 1 for the area of my health which I’m about to revamp (want to bake sprouted breads.)

Do you see?  You’ll always be at different stages for different parts of your life. In some you’ll be desiring something, in some waiting for something, and in others saying OOO I got it!


Knowing that you’ll be sliding between these 3 stages for the WHOLE rest of your life means only one thing!

You gotta fall in love with each stage!

Fall in love with the desiring

Fall in love with waiting

Fall in love with receiving

Today you and I are going to focus on the 2nd one so you can ROCK your week with it and get really good at it!

What’s it going to give you when you do?

Energy alignment with your dreams, happiness, health and that amazing feeling that your life is pretty darn special as it is…

So whilst you’re waiting:

Can you fall in love with your here and now?

Because finding the bliss where you are – is not for the faint hearted.

This world is not set up for you to want and get without the middle bit.  Sorry.

And that’s a good thing! The middle bit teaches you to fall in love with this planet as it is. Otherwise this planet would be full of unhappy people – only happy when they got their desire, only to be unhappy again before the next one arrives.


That’s a yo-yo and this world would be full of ungrateful unhappy people and you deserve to really enjoy your life in between – don’t you?

So finding the bliss where you are takes discipline – let’s do it together –

What’s really good about where you’re at?

Can you smile as you think about it? What is this waiting time giving you?  I mean really giving you? (I’m asking for the deep stuff here.)

How can you really enjoy today?

I’ve been enjoying the simple earthly pleasures this past week – we just got a brand new 5 burner oven fitted that is so exquisite it’s literally begged me every day to bake!  Almond maple syrup biscuits, gluten free fig and burnt orange hot cross buns (Oh la la but I did actually burn two of them…) and yesterday when I finished up early with my clients? I popped out for a glorious walk before the sun went down – I walked to this brilliant little organic shop – probably looking a bit funny – half swishy coach – pearls still on, glam blouse still on and half scruffy beach shorts and flip-flops. With the last of the sun on my face, do I care that my book has not been published yet?  No – I’m just really enjoying my here and now. Truly – it’s an art.  I haven’t yet perfected it but I am so enjoying finding the bliss where I am – who really cares?  I mean it’s the most fabulous way to wait for anything!  This is REAL living.

So I’m curious – are you finding the bliss where you are right now?

What’s really good about where you are? I’d love to hear in the comments below.

Laugh – play – be close to those you love – adore talking – be still when listening – and above all?

Find the bliss in this very moment – you deserve to and I dare you!


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