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Get Real.

By April 1, 2015December 3rd, 20182 Comments

Get Real.

Here’s how your life changes in 1,2,3.

Pull the veil back. This takes 3 minutes. And if you let it?  This will change your life today.


Get real. First off this is the most important bit because I’m asking you to get real with what’s not working in your life.  Take a breath – is it your sex life? Men? Money? Job? House? Where you live? How you live? Kids? Not having  kids?  Illness? Death? Trouble?  Yes this is the get real bit.  What’s been happening for you these past few days?  What got you down?  What’s getting you down now?  Say it out loud to me and then write it down, just jot it down now on a bit of paper.  See? This is you getting real – Goddess it suits you!

When you’re honest with yourself you can only make good decisions

You deserve to – so take a breath and ask yourself:


How long have I been putting up with this?  Dealing with this?  Trying to make it work? Has my approach worked?  Again – time for you to get real. It’s ok, this is where you get real honest with yourself and it’s ok if your answer is no. Truly.

Acknowledging the truth to yourself lightens the load.

Excuses and fakeness weigh real heavy when you believe in them

So you’ve heard yourself say what’s really bothering you and whether or not your approach has been helping, so…


What action can you take that will alter your life? Remember baby steps make the big steps!  Allow yourself to hear it – what action naturally springs to mind when you’re honest about your situation?   And here’s the thing – there’s usually something in the way or you would be doing this action already – right? So if you’re not doing this action this minute – what thought is in your way?

Here are some of the gems I’ve picked up along the way from coaching clients and from the inside of my head – and they seem very real at the time:

It’s ok, it will work out, it’s all good! It will get better. I’ll do it soon. It’s up to them, not me. It’s out of my hands. Who am I to do this?  They won’t believe me. They don’t listen to me so what’s the point? I can’t handle that right now, it scares me. It’s not the right time. I’m not good enough. I’ll lose everything. That it’s unchangeable.

What thought do you need to DROP this minute?  Tell me out loud as you jot it down.  Because this thought – is what keeps you going round in circles and not up and outta here!

So to take the action you need to and to feel better right now – what story can you begin telling yourself right now?

That you always win? That you’re the STAR of your own story and the heroine (that’s you) had to get real to realise she was short changing herself? In accepting a life that didn’t fit her anymore? Because she was worth more than that and so today she’s going to tell herself that she can have this situation exactly as she wants it and so she’s going to take action right now on it which makes her feel like a million dollars…and so…and so…how does the story end?

I’m all ears! (Tell me in the comments below.)


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  • Suzy says:

    I can go into denial quite easily. One small example is the house. As I travel a lot for work, it’s been neglected and it’s really got me down but I’ve pretended to myself it hasn’t. I’ve finally dealt with some of it and have professional help on the way for all the jobs we can’t do. The relief is immense! Your piece has reminded me of the need to be real with myself always and I’ll read it again next time I need reminding! Thank you xx

    • marinaj says:

      Recognising that denial was your blind spot is incredibly liberating isn’t it? And it’s only when we get real that we can genuinely do something about it. It’s being brave enough to hear ourselves and not make ourselves wrong for it.

      Congratulations for being brave enough to go past your denial Suzy. X

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