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Share what you’re working on?

By March 25, 2015December 3rd, 201810 Comments

Will you share what you’re working on? I want to hear about you!  What are you working on?  What is your vision for your life right now? What are you wanting to create?

And…would you share your talent with me?  Like that thing that you do that you’re so proud of?  That you’re so damn good at FABULOUS AT?

Why am I asking you to share your brilliance with me?

Well, it’s like this – so many women at the very beginning of it all – minimise greatness, they minimise their talent, and their power to change the world.

And it doesn’t suit them and it doesn’t suit YOU!  You have too much potential for that! But can I ask you something?

Might you be a little guilty of this too? …Of what again?


Did you know that minimising your fabulousness stops you from taking those BOLD risks, it stops you from making that phone call, from expecting more for yourself, from ever living that life that you know is waiting for you?

…Which short changes you, the people you love and those that work with you? Boo.

And then Mrs Fabulous you might find it very hard to become confident in that thing that you do or that thing that you’re in right now. And that’s a shame because I know how talented YOU are.

And when you do that silly little minimising thing…

“There are lots of other people that do what I do…I’m nothing special…”

“I’m just a stay-at-home mum”

“Oh I just work part time”

“I don’t really have a talent”

“I’m not good enough.”

“Gulp what will they think of me?”

“I can’t do it, I’ll do it later…”

This means that those around you right now are more likely to under value you, under pay you, and undermine you – and that you’re more likely to accept their behaviour towards you as normal – usual – heck even comforting!

Darling, that’s a lot of under’s for a gal like you and I can tell you – that’s so NOT you!  It might feel safer in the short term but you know you’re meant for more than this…right?

Are you guilty of minimising your greatness when you’re in the presence of your clients, your husband, your financial backers, your audience, your friends, the new guys you meet in order NOT to look like a woman who brags? Who’s a big show off?

In order to be liked? Accepted?  Loved?

Where in your life are you guilty as charged ma’am?  In your relationship?  In the bedroom?  At work?  In your business?

Let’s test it!

Say this out loud filling in the bits marked “xxx” below with your particular particulars!

In my relationship with xxx I hide my xxx so as to look xxx

What did you come up with?  I’d love to hear in the comments below!

You might prefer to write it out – it can be astonishing just what you end up with on that page.  I once did this with a client and she came up with 50 – 50 of these clangers! She’d become the worlds greatest minimiser of her fabulousness and she’d cheated every one of her clients and friends from her utterly stunning light.

Hmmm is’s all a bit boring this minimising you business isn’t it?  Shall we just go ahead and celebrate YOU?

Repeat after me OUT LOUD! (And slowly…)

I’m brilliant, a genius at what I do, I light up the room when I walk into it…Those that I love, love every inch of me…because yes I’m fabulous, because yes I’m talented and because yes I’m simply magnificent!

You squirming yet?

No?  Good!

Share what you’re working on?

I want to hear about your greatness, I want to hear about the fabulous businesses you run – complete with your website address for us to find you with and we will print these live on this page.

I want you to share what you do for your mini-me’s and why they’re lucky to have you as their mum, I want to hear about you – what deliciousness are you creating right now? What do you want to be celebrated for?  

I want to hear why I should shop at your shop, why a man would be lucky to have you, why your husband is just lucky to be in the same room as you.  I want to hear why your clients love you so much and why your boss should give you that pay increase.

I want to hear why I’d choose YOU over anybody else.

Tell me in the comments below – you can start with:

You’d choose me as a xxx because xxx

And remember – no minimising! Shout your fabulousness from the rooftops!  This is your rooftop and remember if you’ve got a website – SHOUT IT OUT!


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