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You do Matter

By March 4, 2015December 3rd, 20182 Comments

You do matter.

You do count.

There is space for you to ensure you are happy.

If only you take a moment to make it.

How long can you keep going ignoring yourself?

A week?  A year?  A lifetime?

Ignoring what you know to be true?

Remember when you were little?

What did you hope for yourself by this time?

Give yourself a little of it today.

What was it?



A lightness of being?

Being true to you and no-one else?

Creating that?

Making your dreams happen?

Being that?

You do matter.

There is space for you to ensure you are happy.

“When I hear people say, “oh I don’t think I can do it.” I always want to encourage them and say, “Yeah, you can. It’s one life, don’t deny yourself.”

– Actress Julianne Moore

Isn’t that the best quote?  Don’t deny yourself.  You do matter. Always have.

Take a breath and action THIS right now.  If you mattered hugely – what would you do right now? Close your eyes and let the answer come to you.

Let this inform your next decision. Let this inform your day and your life.

You do matter. You are beautiful. Make decisions based on this fact. And watch the life you want become a reality.

Tell me in the comments below what you’re going to do because YOU do matter!
Because you are important – because it’s time!  Let’s celebrate that!


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  • Suzy says:

    Very simply, it’s to totally indulge in watching TV tonight! I’m snug in my hotel room watching a great show and about to watch another. Pure indulgence and chill time which I feel guilty about taking too often. Not tonight. Bliss. Thank you for this brilliant article. Got to go now. Got another TV show to watch! Xx

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