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Value Yourself

By February 25, 2015December 3rd, 20184 Comments

Value yourself – it’s the kindest thing you can do for everyone!


Because they forget your value when you do.

And there’s magic in YOU!

Real magic, the kind that can light up this whole planet don’t you know?

But it cannot come from dampening your value.

It cannot come from accepting less than you are worth!

And it cannot come from accepting their value of you: The one they’ve set for you. Deemed “appropriate” for you.

And I’m talking about men, how does he talk to you? Does he respect your time? Your wishes? Your boundaries?  Your gentle heart?  Or does he devalue your desires and needs? Making your needs less important than his own?  Forgetting about you? Does he always find the time to do what he wants but when it comes to you…?  And there’s always a reason?

Does this man value your heart as the most important one in the room?  Does he know how lucky he is to have you?

And I’m also talking jobs here – do they really see how much you add to them?  How loyal you are? Have they really invested in you as much as you’ve invested your time and energy in them?  When was the last time you got a pay rise?  Seen for the magic you are?  What have they deemed “appropriate” for you?

How much do they really value you and everything you bring to them?  Enough to pay you well?  Do they know how lucky they are to have you?

And if you run your own business?  Do your customers and clients pay you handsomely for the value that you add to their lives?  Do they pay your invoices on time?  Do they recommend you to other people?  Are they a joy for you to work with or do they sap your energy? Do they respect your time, boundaries, the value you put on your product or very valuable service?

Do your clients value you as much as you would like them to?

And I’m talking friends and family here – do they respect you when you say no?  Do they only ring you when they’ve got a problem?  Are they there for you when you need help?  Do they value the work you do in this world?  Do they add to you?  Lift you up?  Do you look forward to seeing them?

Do they value your time, your home, your opinions?  Do they hold you in high esteem?

And you know what?

People are often busy and self centred and will instinctively value you at the value you set for yourself.

It’s like an odourless gas, they can just sense it when it’s low.

So if you’re honest…have you been setting your value at the value that others have set for you?  

And how kind is that really being to them?

(It’s not.)

Because they miss out on you.  On the potential for an amazing relationship be it in business or personal!

They miss out on all the goodies they get when they value you highly.

Because when your value is set to high and you’re respected?

You are green lit to give the best of you!  And that’s when the good times roll!

That’s when together you can make more magic, move love, more happiness than ever!

It’s actually how this planet is set up.  It’s not set up for you not to release your magic, your magnificence, the legend that you are.  When you’re valued, that higher essence will be seen by them.

When they don’t value you?  They cannot see your higher essence. They really miss out!

So here’s what I want you to remember:

The power isn’t in them. Never was.

It’s in YOU.

So you can:

Stay in this current story where they agree with your low value.


UP your value.

Because it starts with YOU.

The most important relationship you’ll ever have is the one you’re having with yourself right now.

There are always going to be people in this world who do not know how to value others.  And that’s ok because their standards are right for them and your standards are right for you.

As long as you don’t agree with them it actually doesn’t matter how much they value you does it?

The kindest thing you can do for everyone is to take your power back off those who do not see your magic and YOU start seeing it!  You start appreciating it, valuing it, loving it.  Start!

The value you set for yourself creates the story you find yourself in.  The sorts of people you find yourself with.  High value people who love to value you right back because it feels so good! Value yourself and you will be valued by others. (Because you won’t accept anything less.)

And those around you?

They’ll l either shift up with you and enjoy this new fabulous relationship with you or drop away. Your new found value, your light,  doesn’t fit in their current story. And that’s ok, they’re just not ready for the brightness of your light. So you are no longer a match.

Waive them a little goodbye.

Treat yourself like the Queen you are today so both you and them can bathe in your brightness.  Start upping your value today. Take yourself out for a tea just because.  Book into see the doctor, dentist, massage therapist because you are valuable!  Ask for help today with that thing because you’re valuable.  Ring up those who haven’t paid their invoices today – YOU ARE IMPORTANT!  Say no to an offer that is beneath you. Say yes to what turns you on. Decide not to call that person that drains you today.

Claim your value. There is space for it.

I’d love to hear in the comments below what you’re going to do to claim your value today…

…Because you have magic in you.

And it’s the kindest thing you can do for everyone to remember that!


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  • Lyn Morgan says:

    You’re right!
    I’ve just booked in for a massage that I’ve not made time for in weeks! Then I’m meeting a friend for lunch who doesn’t drain me – YES!

  • Suzy says:

    This is great timing because although I’m treated with such respect in my work and by people in my personal life, it’s gradually dawned on me that one particular friend has been disrespectful towards me of late and it’s become worse over time. I’ve had enough and am ready to address it with them next time an issue arises and the more I value myself, the less I tolerate from others (ie this person)! And yes, I desperately need a massage and haircut and am going to book both today!! Thank you Marina. I needed this x

    • marinaj says:

      Pleasure! And I love what you wrote: The more you value yourself the less you tolerate from others – fabulous Suzy! Your friend now has the option of moving on up with you or dropping away, it takes a brave woman to make this call – but that’s exactly who you are! Congratulations! x

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