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It’s 2 days till Christmas Day…so…

By December 23, 2014December 3rd, 2018No Comments

It’s 2 days till Christmas Day…so…

Receive your breath in this moment as you prepare to give again

Surrender…to what you know you cannot control

If they make you mad, walk away and whilst you’re away?

Raise your vibration


You deserve your own love


With all the giving and receiving comes expansion

Let yourself expand over the next few days…

The more you give, the more you must receive

(Don’t block it, if someone asks to help, even if you can do it, say yes!)

And the more you receive, the more you can give!

(Of your generosity, your spirit, your wisdom and kindness)

If you don’t have it to give, know that you need to receive more…


Listen to yourself often so you don’t lose yourself

Have a happy happy Christmas & New Years!

I’m off on holiday so I’ll see you sometime before the end of January!

Have a really good one xxxx

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