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How to cope when Christmas + world pain + crazy work threaten to overwhelm you

By December 17, 2014December 3rd, 2018No Comments

Where are you at right now?
When you think about Christmas – and what’s left to do – how do you really feel?
When you are witnessing the pain in the world – what happens to you?

When you feel like you have to be a machine to cope with work, to get it all done before Christmas – does it put you in a good mood?  Do you become mechanical and flat?  Can you access your happy self easily?

And I mean right now, is that even possible with what’s happening in the world?

And even as you’re reading these words – how easy is it for you feel extremely happy?

The world that you find yourself in has changed from a few years ago.  Your mobile phone makes you switched on like never before and world news, regardless of how much you don’t partake in the watching of it feels particularly dark at the moment.  And working, working, working makes any good woman lose spirit fast. No matter how much you love your job – too much of anything is just that. Too much.  And most people I know are working harder than ever before – you noticing that too?

So how are you coping?  Head full?  Thanking God for chocolate?  Feeling anxious and tight in your chest?  Nervous bolts running through your belly?  Not enough time? Had sex much recently?  Shut off from him a bit?

Are you waking up happy only to hear about world news that brings you back down?  It’s utterly devastating what’s happening in the world at the moment.  Can I tell you something?

You and I weren’t built to have wave after wave of pain beamed into our living rooms.  You and I weren’t built to work like machines. You and I were not built to become a blur around Christmas – getting the presents ticked off, the food organised and Auntie Sarah…blah…Oh you and I just were not built for this!  And you know this because it doesn’t feel good.  Not in your soul. Not anywhere.  Look at your face – is it making you happy?

So how to cope when Christmas + world pain + crazy work threaten to overwhelm you?  Um…So you and I can go on like this today or we can play a little game…I’m going to call it the Receiving Game and you’re going to see how many times an hour you can put yourself 1st.  Because the more times an hour you don’t, can’t, there isn’t room to???  The world suffers because you do.  Your little world. And the big world at large. And there are enough women suffering in this world. So make a stand. For yourself and for those women who need inspiration, for those little girls who want to be inspired by you and for women like me who want more for you and for the women of this world.

Ask yourself right now and hourly:
What do I need to thrive?
What do I need emotionally?
What do I need spiritually?
What do I need physically?

Then…Shhh….Listen…what is your heart whispering to you right now?

Can you hear?  It takes practice to go inside when all around you is crazy.  Take a deep breath in, hold your breath in for a beat…then breath out through your mouth ahhhh….ask yourself again..what do I need to thrive right now?  And if you don’t hear the answer, keep breathing deeply until you do.  Your way out from the dark and into the light is always in your heart. 

And when you do?  You may be able to follow it, you may not.  It matters not.  What does matter is that you do hear yourself.

And what does matter is that you’re brave enough to follow it for some of the time.

Play the Receiving Game and notice – what happens for you when you put yourself 1st?  Do you feel less like a machine more like a Goddess?  Do you feel more excited about Christmas now you’ve listened to what your heart was telling you? (You’re now delegating like a pro – yeehaa!)   Do you have more energy, and goodness me the answer was in you this whole time?

(Well you are pretty brilliant)

And so…

In a world where stuff happens  – never ever give up your joy. Never ever give up listening to your heart. Never ever give up your freedom to choose light over dark, to choose softness over hardness, to choose the bright happy feminine energy that you love and thrive on. It isn’t frivolous – it – is – necessary – that’s why women in the 2nd world war wore lipstick and drew with their eye pencils a stocking line down the backs of their legs.

Feminine energy cancels out dark base energy.

So put a defiant flower in your hair, wear bright colours and strut like the Goddess you are. Those that have forgotten their feminine energy win when you drop yours. Those that have forgotten to listen to their true deep needs for real love, real joy, real pleasure win when you decide there isn’t room for it in this world.  Because of everything. 


Make a stand for those that can’t. It takes a brave woman to shine her femininity out for all to see.  It takes a brave woman to listen to her real deep needs that will lead her to real deep happiness and peace. It takes a woman like you to lead the way. Please do.

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