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Irritated? Good. Too much to do? Great.   

By December 10, 2014December 3rd, 2018No Comments

Irritated? Good. Too much to do? Great.

The more pissed off you are the more you HAVE to desire – ok? Got that?


Ok so yesterday wasn’t a great day for me – well – it was peachy until 3pm and then I had technical IT issues to deal with. Snore. My favourite.

So – what’s a gal to do? Stomp on out for a walk.

There wasn’t anything I could do at that point so I walked angrily to the beach. And I sat. And I huffed and I puffed – and I could not shake it off.

I mean it’s just IT right? Sometimes it just doesn’t get sorted quickly and then I thought about all the other things that are currently undone and felt my body sag. Oh…the sea, the ice cold water lapping at my feet just isn’t doing it for me today.

And then like a shot of lightening across my belly I remembered – the more pissed off you are – the BIGGER and stronger you GOT to DESIRE.

You HAVE to use your irritation, annoyance, irritability, upset, anger – you have to use the volume of that to DESIRE. And it’s something that most women I know forget to do.

Do you?…

Ok so here’s my 3-point checklist:

1.    How are you feeling inside?  Can you put a name to it? (Me – pissed off)

2.    So let that feeling ignite your desire inside of you – so what do you want?  Me – my IT developer to get back to me by Friday, all the IT issues complete by Monday 12pm, easily and I want to feel light.)

3.    Let the needing of it go because I must trust that it’s going to happen

Then my mind wandered to all the other things that are undone and before I knew it I was desiring to the Goddess in the sky all that I desired and when.  (Just pick a date that feels good to you.)

See – living from your desire rather than your pain:
  • Adds to your life-force
  • Adds to your happiness
  • Adds to your personal power
  • You’ll manifest much, much quicker
  • And you’ll feel much better along the way
  • You’ll empower others
  • You’ll attract better solutions along the way…

…Because you’ll see them, and you’ll have an air of “can do” – so people around you get much clearer energy from you which will make it quicker for them to do for you

See you can use meditation, yoga and spirituality to soothe you – but – what if you used every irritation you felt today to conjure up a real HOT desire from deep within?

Would you feel happier?
Produce better results

See a lot of us have become very good at filling ourselves up with spirituality when the outside world isn’t doing a very good job of it.  So when we’re irritated we meditate and then we can float around and say “it’s all good”  “I’m not attaching to it” and so on.  Spiritually that’s a really good place to be. Keep that.  Now can you add in your desire too? Can you do both?  Even when things are good?  Both is where the good life begins. Most people I know are either good at one or the other – but when you practice Desire + Spiritual filling up?

Now that’s really living!  That’s feeling full inside and summoning universal energy to get what you want.  That’s irritation Kismet!  So use your irritation to fuel you – that’s actually what it’s there for (the world is always conspiring to turn you on.)

If this doesn’t work and I’m all wrong about this?

At the very least you’ll just feel better.

And if you think about it – everything you’re working towards right now is for you and your family to feel better at some point in the future.  That’s why you pay your mortgage, that’s why you’re going for a better job, that’s why you exercised today – for a healthy future.  Because you want to feel better.

Well, this will make you feel better now.
And you utterly deserve it.

Can’t think of a better way to feel better when the shit hits the fan.

So what are you feeling right now?  Let me know in the comments below and STATE your desire loud and proud!  Let that energy of grrrr fuel a very healthy, very powerful part of you.

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